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Marcos Tinoco Defeats Romulo Barral At Kasai 5

Marcos Tinoco Defeats Romulo Barral At Kasai 5



These two Jiu-Jitsu stalwarts clashed over the weekend at Kasai Pro 5. Both athletes weighed in under the 189 pound  for the No-Gi bout. The superfight took place on an action packed card that saw a lot of crazy action. This match was less of a “barn-burner” and more of a master class on tactics.

Both athletes engaged in grip fighting on the feet for a good portion of the match. Where many BJJ fans prefer to see the action mainly take place on the floor, it can be a refreshing change of pace seeing two world class grapplers engage in a battle of inches from their feet. After continuous grip fighting we are treated to a beautiful inside trip or ouchi gari by Tinoco.

The inside trip is a technique we’ve seen time and time again. It is pulled off at the highest levels of both grappling and mma. Henry Cejudo made great use of it in his match against Demetrious Johnson. It very well may have been the deciding technique in that fight. Cejudo was able to earn a decision victory in his bout with Johnson, who at the time was being considered for GOAT status, by utilizing strong upper body controls while applying the inside trip. Here is a quick inside trip breakdown by resident Judo mastermind Satoshi Ishii.

Tinoco was able to set up his inside trip with an overhook and a bicep grip. He is seen almost retreating from Romulo and then the switch happens. As Romulo’s weight is placed on his lead leg Tinoco was able to snag it to score a quick two points for the takedown. Barral was able to get back to his feet and more grip fighting ensued.

Much like Cejudo, Marcos Tinoco can attribute his victory to the inside trip. Once again the battle was being fought from the feet. Barral was able to work a strong 50/50 body lock but over exposed himself. This lead to Tinoco capitalizing on Barral’s wide base with another inside trip. Most people regard Tinoco as being a master of lasso guard, but his wrestling was on point at Kasai!

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Barral continued to fight hard, despite being taken down. Barral was close to attacking the back on the side of the mat. However after spinning to Tinoco’s back Tinoco rolled underneath forcing the action out of bounds. After a brief medical check up the action started back up. Barral continued to push the action with strong head position and grip fighting until the final seconds where he attempted a guillotine choke.

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After the final guillotine attempt time had run out, and Tinoco was declared the winner by points 4x1. Tinoco and Barral both seemingly emerged healthy. Which is always a good thing because they can be back soon!

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