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Dealing with the Knee Slice Pass with Tom DeBlass

Dealing with the Knee Slice Pass with Tom DeBlass


Stop this popular pass with ease.

Encountering the knee slice is a pretty common occurrence at all levels of BJJ. We usually get exposed to the knee slice early, and for many it becomes a go to pass. Its popularity is prevalent at the highest levels of competition and its effectiveness can’t be denied. With the popularity of the technique, we have to have a collection of ways to deal with the knee slice. We need to have the ability to counter and defend the knee slice, and be able to turn the passing attempt into offensive opportunities for ourselves. How do you like to defend the knee slice? Tom DeBlass has some pretty awesome suggestions for you on how to deal with this popular method of dismantling the guard. Check out this video!

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DeBlass begins with a simple concept. Get your partners head above yours. This will disrupt the passing path, and put your partner out of position. How do we accomplish this?

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From the bottom half guard DeBlass states that continuing to keep your knee shield in the game is actually more of a detriment to defending the knee slice, and it must be removed. Keeping his elbow tight and his bottom hook over his partner’s leg, DeBlass removes his shield and positions himself underneath his partner, over hooking the slicing knee. DeBlass now pulls his partner’s leg out with his top leg, manipulating the knee in an unfavorable direction, and spins under his partner surrounding the leg with his arms. He now begins to try and reverse his partner or works toward the deep half guard.

In the second option DeBlass reiterates the importance of removing the shield, but opts for a different method of foiling the pass. As he removes the shield, he brings his bottom hand inside his partner’s thigh, and bumps him forward with his top knee (previously the shield). He now secures his partner’s leg at the shin which stops his partner from being able to turn toward him. With the leg secured, DeBlass can now begin to come up to his knees and pursue the reversal, or simply recompose his half guard. Excellent.

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