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DeBlass Talks Domination at BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix

DeBlass Talks Domination at BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix


The BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix is upon us and with its start studded line up, the event has all the ingredients to be one of the most exciting competitions of the year. The Grand Prix will take place this Friday at the Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts and you can stream it live on Click Here for the Event Info!



We got a chance to sit down with BJJ Icon Tom DeBlass and get his thoughts on some of the competitors, the ruleset, and who he’s looking forward to watching. DeBlass has several ties to the event, including one of his own black belts, Garrett Lavagi, who is an incredibly game competitor and always exciting to watch.  

When asked about Gordon Ryan being out of the competition, DeBlass expressed that this would make things interesting, especially with the addition of Nicky Rodriguez to the bracket, who DeBlass is excited to see in this particular ruleset.

Rodriguez has been devouring everything in his path and for someone who’s only been training for about 18 months, he’s really shaken things up in the no gi competition scene. He’ll undoubtedly be a force tomorrow night at the Cabot and a handful for anyone participating in the event. 

DeBlass commented also on Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, saying that in Ryan’s absence this could be another interesting factor in determining the outcome of the bracket. Barbosa looked very good at ADCC this year and there’s been some training videos surfacing that clearly demonstrate there’s no lack of preparation for the Grand Prix. Check out the training footage here!


DeBlass was also enthusiastic about the ruleset for the event, stating that this is the kind of ruleset that pushes action and makes for some thrilling matches. “That’s what we all want right”? The BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand prix will adhere to a unique and exciting format. The matches will be ten minutes in duration and during this time, no point will be awarded. Should the ten-minute round culminate with no submission, an EBI overtime ruleset will go into effect to determine the winner. For a rules breakdown learn from the man himself Eddie Bravo!


Tex Johnson also came up in the conversation with DeBlass. Johnson is always a tough competitor and with his recent transition to Fight Sports in Miami, we’ll see how his new team and training has affected his preparation for the grand prix on Friday. 

Kyle Boehm was another topic of discussion during the conversation with DeBlass. Though this up and coming 10th Planet star may not yet be on your radar, you’re going to start hearing a lot more about him. Boehm has been riding a string of very successful competition endeavors. Boehm was the winner of the inaugural BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Invite, and earned himself a hard-fought $2500 cash prize for his efforts. Look out for this guy. 

It’s always good to catch up with DeBlass and get his thoughts on these current BJJ events as he has great mind for competition and incredible experience in the sport. Thank you Professor DeBlass for the input! We hope to catch up again soon!  

Don’t miss the BJJ Fanatics Submission Only Grand Prix tomorrow night! 


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