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Deep Half Guard Entry With Tom DeBlass

Deep Half Guard Entry With Tom DeBlass


Recently at their Beach Camp in Cocoa Beach, Florida 8 time world champion Michelle Nicolini and UFC and ADCC vet Tom DeBlass shared the best elements of their respective games.  Over the three day camp, approximately 50 students were treated to over 9 hours of the best gi and no gi instruction at Off the Grid BJJ, hosted by black belt and owner Frank Dukes.

Tom DeBlass shared many elements of his dynamic half guard game.  He showed his best techniques from both the top and the bottom.  In the video below, taken from the seminar and camp, Tom talks about the importance of controlling the shin of the opponent who is attempting to pass one's half guard.  By controlling the shin, DeBlass is most efficiently able to stop the pass and also set up the deep half entry that he shows.

By controlling the shin, he is able to bump the opponent to pull the hips above his own hips, an essential to DeBlass' bottom half game.  Once he enters into the deep half guard position, he is able to alternate between an exit out the back door to a potential back take, or by rolling towards the opponent's thigh that his being controlled, to the Homer Simpson Sweep.

Check out the video from the camp below.  And don't forget to check out Tom's best selling Half Domination instructional in which he shares his entire half guard game, covering both top and bottom half guard passes, sweeps, and submissions.  It is available here at BJJ Fanatics!






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