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Dirty Darcing with Jeff Glover

Dirty Darcing with Jeff Glover



Dirty Darcing is finally here! Jeff Glover has been hard at work, putting together a collection of his most revered skillsets for the BJJ Fanatics online store. This body of work is sure to open your mind to some options you may have never considered within some of the most basic submissions and techniques in BJJ. Glover has been a staple (enjoying great success I might add) for many years at the highest levels of competition. He’s competed on just about every platform you can imagine and he’s always exciting to watch. With these new installments we’re going to get a fresh look at what Glover’s been up to. 

The Darce choke is a no gi favorite among many. Its application is simple once you understand the basic mechanics of the technique and you’ll begin finding it everywhere as you get more comfortable. Once a solid Darce has been locked in, there is little chance of escape, even when things get slippery, making this choke an important piece of the no gi arsenal. Glover has wicked Darce choke and he disguises his sets ups incredibly well. Let’s take a look at a sneak peek and get a feel with what we’ll be experiencing with Dirty Darcing. 


Glover is a master of deception and that’s apparent here this technique. Often giving the illusion of begin out of position or offering up something that is just too good for the opposing party to pass up, Glover sets some excellent traps. Right from jump we se him removing his guard from his partners path, creating a false sense of security and enticing his partner to move forward. He even raises his arm to the ceiling making himself seem even more vulnerable. This creates a scenario that’s very hard to resist and in many cases the passer will begin to press forward. 

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The passer does have some options here as far as where to position the head and hands. In the first variation Glover’s partner hugs the body, placing his head to the inside. In this case, Glover throws in a whizzer and falls down to his side. As Glover explains, the fall to the mat needs to be coupled with some intent and some energy. As he drives his back down to the floor, this opens up space for Glover to shoot his arm through and lock a tight Darce choke. 

In a second scenario, Glover employs the same set up but now his partner places his head to the outside. Here, Glover wraps the head in the style of a guillotine and pops his hip out away from his partner’s body, creating an angle. His partners arms remain extended here, making this an arm-in style guillotine. As Glover falls down to his side, he places his shin across his partner’s belly and his top leg over the back to begin hunting for the finish. 

While I have your attention check out this trailer for Glover’s upcoming release on the triangle entitled, Don’t Be a Square!


The triangle is yet another stellar component of Glover’s BJJ toolbox and he’s got some great insights on setting up this incredibly dynamic submission. Take a look at this great set up from the knees. This is highly applicable, as we find ourselves working from the knees in our training on a regular basis. Have a look!


Using the same concept as before with the Darce and the guillotine, Glover again exposes his side body to his partner. As his partner takes the bait and secures an under hook, Glover posts one hand on the floor and begins the process of catching the triangle. Its important that his rear leg leads the charge. He lifts it from the mat and positions it across his partners shoulders. This will be the first point of contact. His second leg then comes up off of the floor and over the opposite shoulder. With the triangle set up now intact, Glover lets his body fall down to the mat. Here, Glover can begin to pursue a solid finish. 

If you’ve ever enjoyed the hip bump triangle variation, this is definitely similar, pulling in some of the elements of that particular technique. I’ve always found the most important part is that first leg finding some solid ground across the shoulders. This makes for a great anchoring point and really is the foundation of the set up. 


I’m looking forward to delving in to all of Glover’s material. It looks like were going to be seeing even more from this icon of the sport, with instructionals on the omoplata and escapes also on deck. In fact, these other releases may have already hit the BJJ Fanatics store by the time you’ve read this! 

Dirty Darcing by Jeff Glover




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