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Distance Management With Lachlan Giles

Distance Management With Lachlan Giles



Managing the proper distance is one of the most important concepts in combat. Whether you are managing the distance standing up in an MMA fight or maintaining proper spacing while executing a Torreando pass in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament. Knowing where to place your body will determine your success in many situations. 

To further demonstrate that distance management happens everywhere, let's take a look at Butterfly Guard for example. Lachlan Giles is one of the most sought after minds in Jiu-Jitsu, and he is here to breakdown the ins and outs of this classic position. 


Giles is a master at providing multiple pathways and options when he teaches. In the case of the Butterfly Guard he gives you four offensive options based off of your partner’s strategy.

  1. Partner is grabbing at your feet -If your partner is grabbing at your feet you want to look for arm drag attacks. An aggressive passer will try to pin the feet down and immediately start to circle to a side. Think of it as a no-gi toreando pass. 
  2. Partner posts on the shoulder- A posting hand on the shoulder needs stripped off and put into a 2-on-1 grip. By posting on the shoulder they can prevent you from entering into deeper more effective grips, like the underhook. Stripping the hand off as Lachlan suggests will open up the 2-on-1 which provides ample attacking options. 
  3. Partner disengages with a high posture- When your partner disengages and keeps a high posture you need to come forward and drive through for the takedown. This can be frustrating but a little aggression you may be able to switch from butterfly to a modified double leg from the knees pretty quickly. 
  4. Partner disengages with a low posture- If they are keeping their hands away while taking a low defensive posture this provides you the opportunity to secure a front headlock.  

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The Butterfly Guard is a dynamic position that is used at the highest levels with or without the Gi. Giles rifles through many high level options throughout the video, but perhaps most importantly is how many of the techniques can feed into each other. One defense can lead you to transition into one of the other options that Giles provides. Not to mention Giles uses the Butterfly Guard to enter into his devastating leg lock game!

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