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Don't Ignore The Fundamental Scissor Sweep

Don't Ignore The Fundamental Scissor Sweep


The Scissor Sweep is one of the most basic jiu jitsu guard sweeps, to a point where everyone is bored by it and doesn't even bother trying it.

As for most of us when we started, the scissor sweeps was used as the first jiu jitsu guard sweep to teach us the concept of "sweeping".

It's rare to see an actual scissor sweep being hit in jiu jitsu competition, and if it is, it is usually hit in a scramble and the opponent is caught moving and gets swept with the guard scissor sweep.

Check out these 5 best guard scissor sweep and variations instructional jiu jitsu videos that we think will greatly improve your jiu jitsu game. Especially the first scissor sweep video with Chris Haueter who has over 30 years as a BLACK BELT in BJJ.


What's unique about this scissor sweep attack video is the setup and grip Chris Haueter uses. Attacking the same side arm, including the grip in his opponent's arm pit is a very nice set up. Combine that with the arm bar attack to cause your opponent to defend, and you have a solid closed guard scissor sweep.


This isn't exactly a scissor sweep video, but how can we ignore this beautiful combo Tom DeBlass uses to setup the triangle choke from the scissor sweep attack.

This jiu jitsu instructional video by Matt Bryers shows how you can use the scissor "guard" concept and scissor sweep position to become a powerful attacking guard position.

One of the most entertaining grapplers in the world, Kurt Osiander shows his bad-ass scissor sweep and details. He cites it's still one of his most successful sweeps.

2 on 1 Control No Gi Scissor Sweep with Marcelo Garcia - how can we ignore one of the best guard players in the world. Marcelo hits a beautiful no gi scissor sweep with 2 on 1 control

Don't you think it's time to re-learn this basic and most effective jiu jitsu sweep - the scissor sweep? As well as other basic jiu jitsu techniques that you just don't give enough credit?

If yes, we think Chris Haueter's DVD / On Demand Series Old School Efficient BJJ might be a great fit for you.


Here are some of the techniques and concepts you will learn from this DVD series

  • Intro to closed guard choke with self defense concepts 
  • Cross choke from the closed guard using overhook grip -
  • Arm bar series from the closed guard 
  • Fundamental guard scissor sweep with some variations 
  • Countering the guard pass 
  • Counter for over under guard pass 
  • Butterfly sweep and variations 
  • De la riva guard entry and sweeps
  • Spider guard entry and sweeps
  • Fundamental guard opening 
  • Open guard passing based on three opponents reactions 
  • Double under pass 
  • Stacking spider guard pass 
  • Spider lasso pass
  • Passing the z guard / knee shield half guard
  • Side control series 
  • Knee ride, cross sides, mount and back 
  • Rear Naked Choked Fundamental series 
  • Power arm bar from side mounted control 
  • Straight jacket side control 
  • Arm bar defense / reverse hitch hiker 
  • Counter for stalling people inside the closed guard using the omoplata 
  • Knee bar from turtle 
  • Side control bridge escape 
  • Headlock snap down finishing w/neck crank
  • Escape from the front head lock 
  • Series of drills to improve the guard
  • MMA Jiu Jitsu concepts


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