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Easy Sweep From Shin-On-Shin Guard

Easy Sweep From Shin-On-Shin Guard


Simple Technique For A Quick Sweep

The shin-on-shin guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very versatile position to sweep and enter into more dominant positions. This unique guard can be used against standing and seated partners. This position is effective and consistently successful because it entirely dominates one leg of the guard passer making it difficult for them to move. The most common technique from this guard is an entry to ashi garami, aka single-leg-x, to begin attacking the legs.

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If done incorrectly, the shin-on-shin position can prove fatal for the guard player so it is necessary to understand all the details and apply them appropriately. One of the main details when playing this guard is wrapping the leg being controlled by the same side arm as deeply as possible. Also, the shin of the guard player needs to be more vertical than horizontal for better control. Finally, one must keep their heads high and posture strong while protecting their arms to prevent kimura and guillotine attacks.

In the following video, Black Belt Dante Leon goes through a very easy sweep from the shin-on-shin position. Dante establishes the shin-on-shin guard while playing reverse De La Riva against an opponent attempting a knee slice pass.

Due to the proximity when playing reverse De La Riva, it is difficult to just rotate the shin and place it under the shin of the guard passer. To make this transition easier, simply shrimp out just enough the fit the leg in appropriately. It is necessary to break the posture of the guard passer before attempting the sweep because if they have strong posture, they will be able to pass when the sweep is attacked. Finally, a small detail that should be said again is that after extending your legs to sweep, draw them back as it will be difficult to get the top position with extended legs.

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One modification that can be added to this sweep is the use of the guard passer’s lapel, preferably the far side one. While playing either reverse De La Riva or shin-on-shin, open the top player’s lapel and weave it between their legs enough to break their posture and and grab it with your hand. This small modification will make the sweep stronger and also help with guard retention if the pass fails.

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