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Eddie Bravo's Truck Position

Eddie Bravo's Truck Position


If there were to be a grappling Mount Rushmore, many jiu jitsu practitioners would argue that Eddie Bravo's face deserves to be chiseled out of the mountainside just as much as Helio Gracie or any other historical figure.  No matter what your particular opinion is, it's hard to dispute the impact that Bravo has had on the history of jiu jitsu and MMA.  Eddie Bravo is an enigmatic pioneer who's desire to build on and improve on inherent weaknesses in BJJ's platform as the ultimate fighting art has been even more controversial than some of his alien life theories.

His 10th Planet affiliation and stable of star students such as Denny Prokopos (instructor of The Art & Science Of Locking The Shoulder From Rubber Guard) and the Martinez brothers have produced an entire encyclopedia of techniques that have been displayed on some of the most prestigious grappling stages today.  Whether it is in his own Eddie Bravo Invitational or one of the many other No Gi grappling stages, his team are some of the most exciting competitors to put on rashguards today.

To better understand the influence of Eddie Bravo on the evolution of grappling, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics here.

The Truck

The philosophy behind Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet system is to offer answers to questions Bravo believed were left unanswered by traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  For instance, his system eschews the standard BJJ uniform, the Gi in favor of a version of grappling that has helped propel No Gi to ever more popularity.  By removing the gi from the grappling equation, Bravo believed that the art could progress in the world of MMA where uniforms aren't worn.

One of the 10th Planet system's key positions is The Truck.  For Bravo, the standard BJJ's Godfather of positions was the back mount. In an MMA situation for instance, a competitor would be able to turtle up with their back taken and survive the attacks of the opponent and come back to ultimately win the fight. In the video below, Eddie explains how the truck position is a much more fruitful position, offering a wide variety of submission options.

 Now that you've heard from the man himself about his motivations for incorporating and refining the truck position as a cornerstone of his system, take a look at the video below which does a great job of introducing a number of options for you to secure the truck position.  

 One of the most devastating submissions from the truck position is the crotch ripper.  To learn more about this powerful attack from the truck position, check out this BJJ Fanatics article here.

When Eddie Bravo's not hosting his innovative grappling promotion or sharing his thoughts about chem trails and "flat earth" theories with his friends like Joe Rogan on the various podcasts he seems to be constantly on, he is developing and refining his masterwork, the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system.

No matter what particular school of thought you find yourself subscribing to, you would do best to keep an open mind to all of the different philosophies out there.  If you study traditional gi-based jiu jitsu, you can spice things up every now and again by checking out the techniques of the 10th Planet system.  Who knows, maybe you're surprise those close-minded training partners and opponents who have not yet open their minds to the "theories" of the 10th Planet system.

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