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Edwin Najmi

Edwin Najmi


This week in California, at AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian High School, Edwin Najmi made an appearance for his alma mater as a guest speaker.

Edwin spoke to the students about perseverance and following their passions, how to push through failure to achieve success and the importance of being able to come back to his roots at his old school.

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Edwin is a Jiu-Jitsu world champion, who was born in Tarzana California to Armenian parents. He discovered his love for martial arts at a very young age, originating in wrestling and judo. After a year of judo, he explored the area for a gym that focused more on groundwork. He eventually found his home at a Gracie Barra gym under Romulo Barral when he was 17.

It didn’t take long for Barral to see the enormous potential inside of Najmi, and took him under his wing. They worked together for months to develop grappling skills and guard techniques. He has been a top competitor in the Jiu Jitsu community ever since, in 2012 he earned his first IBJJF Pans Championship (which he would repeat in 2014 and 2015). He also took the Championship title in 2015 for the IBJJF European open and IBJJF Worlds, where he was awarded his black belt by Romulo Barral himself. His fighting record is impressive, with 43 wins and 19 losses.

He states that his favorite submission is a triangle, and he certainly has multiple wins by triangle chokes. Throughout his career he is also known as a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher; it is commonly heard that he explains moves wonderfully and is particularly patient, not to mention his love for the sport is obvious to anyone around him, making it exciting to learn.



Most recently he has made the leap to professorship, opening his own Jiu Jitsu school in Encino, California where he will continue to inspire and lead others in the Jiu Jitsu communities to continue to work towards their full potential in both the sport and all other life goals. Training Jiu Jitsu, or other forms of martial arts, has a huge positive impact on school-aged children. Having a world champion return back to their old stomping grounds a great experience for Najmi, but also a fantastic example for the kids he spoke with. Having Edwin Najmi has someone to look up to, not only because of his success, but also because of a similar origin story, is a great opportunity.

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Team Gracie stands behind a multifocal approach to Jiu Jitsu, allowing kids to feel more confident in themselves. They are also taught respect and self discipline, which will be carried on through their lives. Jiu Jitsu gives kids (and adults) a supportive and positive social circle to be around, developing great long term friendships. These are all things that Edwin was able to discuss with the students when he visited. Having someone that understands where they are coming from, and give real life examples of how a sport can provide such great life benefits is likely much better accepted than if it were to be delivered through a different medium.

There’s no doubt we will continue to see more of Edwin Najmi, and hopefully his connection to his childhood school will help to encourage the sport to grow even more!

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