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Edwin Najmi - New Belt, Who Dis?

Edwin Najmi - New Belt, Who Dis?


Results are in and Edwin Najmi is now the 2019 F2WBJJ Middleweight NOGI champion!

August 3rd, 2019 was the 120th promotion event for Fight 2 Win productions, featuring an amazing card and fantastic grappling throughout the entire night.

The event took place last night in Pennsylvania at the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena; Najmi was the cards main event and he didn’t disappoint. His opponent was DJ Jackson, who was the reigning middleweight nogi champ until last night. The two came into the match with completely different styles and in polar opposite points in their fight games.

One came into the match ready to re-establish his rank after time off while the other was looking to defend the current championship title. Other attractions included the comain event for female blackbelt bantamweight nogi championship title between Catherine Perrett and Tubby Alequin. The event showcased Jiu Jitsu (both gi and no gi) and Judo matches. 

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Since suffering an LCL strain last year Edwin has been almost absent from competition, but his performance last night shows that he definitely hasn’t been skipping out on training!

His offensive style was back in full swing against the talented Jackson, and the entire match was fast paced and engaged from both fighters. Going into the fight, talk of how different their approaches would be was the big topic of discussion; Jackson’s being centered around control and weight distribution and Najmi focusing on attacks and movement.

Not only was Edwin hunting for submission after submission, he was clearly fully looking to prove his fight 2 win match over one hundred events ago was not a fluke. He represented himself and his fight family well, setting a high bar for his upcoming events. 

Contrary to Edwin Najmi, DJ Jackson has been very active on the competition scene this past year, and has been particularly present in nogi matches. This was his eight fight to win event, and only his second loss in the series.

He brought with him an impressive fight history as well as an immaculate game. He didn’t let the less than ideal result of the match bring him down, as DJ and Edwin were seen being friendly after the match and both promoting good sportsmanship. Both are great examples of hard work, determination and great skill at work. 

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Soon, the two will face off again in the ADCC world championship tournament in Anaheim, California. If last night’s bout is any indicator, we are all in for a treat! This tournament has been in the news continuously as invitations go out and qualifiers confirm or deny their participation goals.

Other BJJ Fanatics fighters, such as Gordon Ryan and Mikey Musemeci are two names that have been topics of discussion recently; Ryan due to his injury and Musemeci due to him removing his name from the 66kg fight card. 

Congratulations to Edwin Najmi, as well as the rest of the winners on last night's card! It was a great event and we are all looking forward to the same caliber performances for the rest of the year. 

If you liked these two techniques by Edwin Najmi, I highly recommend looking into his instructionals from BJJ Fanatics. They are so detailed yet simple that they can help students from any rank improve their submission game. 

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