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Escape The Guillotine with Bernardo Faria!

Escape The Guillotine with Bernardo Faria!


No one likes getting submitted, especially by a choke, at least that’s my feelings on the matter. One of the worst chokes in my opinion is the guillotine choke. It seems that it can happen from anywhere, and it comes on quick, so there is limited time to defend it. It’s just not fun, as I’m sure we can all agree. As always, there is a counter to everything in Jiu Jitsu. It seems that we are never stuck because Jiu Jitsu lacks an escape, but rather we are only ever stuck as a result of our knowledge, or lack of, in a particular situation. It used to be rather difficult to obtain knowledge from the best of the best in Jiu Jitsu. It’s not hard anymore.

Click here to go to the largest, most comprehensive library of video instructionals for Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling. That being said, 5 time black belt world champion Bernardo Faria is here to show us how to escape the guillotine so we have some options the next time we get in trouble. Starting out, one of the first tips Bernardo offers up is an understanding of what is needed for your opponent to finish the guillotine submission. In order for the opponent to finish the submission, they need control of not only your neck, obviously, but also your leg or even better, your hips. The guillotine can be finished from a number of positions such as closed guard, a very high closed guard (more effective than closed guard), half guard, lock down, and other positions as well. I think the point is clear that any control at all over the lower half of your body while the opponent has the guillotine setup can, and likely will be dangerous.

The first and most basic escape Bernardo discusses is so simplistic it almost seems too easy. As soon as the opponent wraps up your neck, simply “jump guard” if their legs are open, to the opposite side of their over hook on your neck. Yep, it’s really that simple, or at least it can be. It’s likely the opponent will already have, or be working to trap one or both of your legs, and we will take a look at that next, but if it’s possible, this is a very quick and easy escape that requires very little energy and gets you out of danger quickly. Now, let’s assume the opponent isn’t taking a nap and stops you from jumping over their leg to the side and escaping by wrapping their leg over your back.

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The first step in the escape is to get a grip on their wrist of the choking arm which hand you use to get this grip is irrelevant. Once you have secured the grip, we now need to roll towards the side of the choking arm (the only way you can roll). We roll one time landing us on our back with the opponent in a mount like position, which is still dangerous and undesirable, so we continue the roll to a second roll. During the second roll as the opponent lands next to us on their side we are hip escaping 2 or 3, or however many times it takes, to get over the opponent’s let and into side control, essentially the same place we would have ended up had the opponent been sleeping and let us jump to side control. From side control, we can frame on the opponent’s neck with our forearm and begin posturing up, the opponent will have no choice but to release the choke hold because of our frame, and the fact that the choke is no longer available to them.

While there are escapes from every attack, there are also attacks that string together one after another and sometimes, most times actually, especially as you progress through the ranks, it’s not the first attack attempt that gets you, it’s the second or third in a series. Learn how to string these together and increase your ability to submit your opponents from one of the most effective head hunters in the game, Neil Melanson. In his video instructional titled “Head Hunter Guillotine Series” Neil shows his unorthodox approach to Jiu Jitsu from a wresting background perspective. You are sure to change your game with this 4 part in depth dive into the getting, and most importantly finishing the guillotine from anywhere and everywhere.

Bernardo Faria is widely regarded as one of the best competitors of ALL-TIME. What's even crazier is that he is an EVEN BETTER TEACHER! Escapes From Anywhere By Bernardo Faria has all of the essential tools to get out of Jiu-Jitsu's most DOMINATING positions! Don't get stuck ANYMORE!



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