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Escape the Saddle With Lachlan Giles

Escape the Saddle With Lachlan Giles


The saddle can be one of the most frightening positions to find yourself in. Mainly due to fear of being heel hooked. It is a justifiable fear because in today's day in age if you aren't hip to the heel hook/leg game it can feel like treading water with sharks circling you.

A great way to overcome any fear is to start to expose yourself to the situation in a controlled manner. This is sometimes referred to as gradual exposure. For example if heights are a fear of yours it wouldn't be a wise idea to try to overcome your fear by skydiving, that is not gradual exposure. Although the fear is justifiable because we've seen some bad situations involving heel hooks, looking at you Rousimar Palhares, but in reality ALL submissions can be dangerous.

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Here Lachlan Giles shares some key details in escaping the saddle position. In general prevention is more effective than the cure. That said if the saddle is on don't panic! Mr. Giles shares plenty of details throughout this video, but let's focus on a couple.

Initially Lachlan adjusts his base towards the attackers inside hip. Starting from a more advantageous escaping position will make the rest of the details much more easier to apply. Next, with a straightened leg Lachlan does something that he points out as counter intuitive. He kicks the trapped leg deeper into the entanglement. This is done because panicking and pulling the leg will allow an easier bite on the heel for the person applying the saddle. By pushing the leg deeper into the saddle it can make the attacker over extend to bite the heel and apply the finish.

After these key concepts are applied this will likely encourage the attacker to start a roll to expose the heel. This is when the escape starts to take place. While the roll occurs there are likely to be gaps that start to develop, as Giles states. Pay close attention to how Giles starts to initiate his final steps of the escape. He maintains several of the key concepts discussed earlier. He maintains pointed toes only this time his free leg can post on his attackers bottom leg. This allows a strong push from Giles as he turns and slips from the saddle.

Lachlan Giles as quickly grown to be one of the sought after minds in Jiu-Jitsu. PERIOD!




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