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Trap Bar Deadlift or Traditional Deadlift for BJJ?

Trap Bar Deadlift or Traditional Deadlift for BJJ?


 The Deadlift Is A Great Lift For Grapplers. Vary The Movement To Get The Most Out Of It!

The deadlift is an essential strength movement. For years it’s been a staple in the traditional bodybuilding arsenal, rounding out a list of the most important lifts to pack on strength and size. High level athletes from all sports, including BJJ, employ the deadlift as a regular part of their strength and conditioning routines. Though the deadlift is tried and true, there is a nice alternative if you wish to switch things up. You may even prefer it over the deadlift.  

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At some point in the 80’s the trap bar emerged as an alternative to the deadlift. It was invented by Legendary bodybuilder Al Gerard to reduce the stress of the deadlift on the lower back. The trap bar is different way to deadlift because you’re not pulling the weight from out in front of you. You stand inside a hexagon shaped barbell and the load is pulled closer to your center of gravity. The trap bar may activate the muscles in your back a bit less and your quads and hamstrings a bit more, but it does certainly lessen the strain on the back, which could be a good sell for the BJJ athlete.

The trap bar may also help you develop more explosive movement, and help bring up your deadlifting power. Using the 2 in combination may be your best bet!

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We know it’s always a good idea to vary our exercises to push through plateaus and spark new growth. If you’ve been deadlifting religiously for a while, switch up to the trap bar for a little while and see if you can’t bring up that explosive power, and make your traditional deadlift even better!

Here’s a great video from ChewJitsu with some tips and ideas on the trap bar deadlift for the BJJ player. Check it out!

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