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The Basics Of Jiu Jitsu Are What Works.

The Basics Of Jiu Jitsu Are What Works.


The Basics Are What Work

As a writer for BJJ Fanatics, I spent a lot of my time reviewing jiu jitsu techniques from many different high level competitors and BJJ practitioners. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of videos I have watched, the amount of techniques I have written on, and the plethora of tips and tricks I have picked up on. The world of Brazilian jiu jitsu, and grappling in general, is so far reaching and dynamic. The techniques are always growing, the movements never cease to be dynamic, and because of this I can write volumes on grappling martial arts without ever running out of inspiration.

Having spent so much time digesting and writing about BJJ tips and techniques there is always one thing that never ceases to catch my attention: mastery over the fundamentals. If you have done even a little Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you would know some of the fundamentals: closed guard, half guard, passing, sweeping, pressure, control, arm locks and other submissions… the list goes on. There is something about watching a master of grappling talk about the basics. Watching someone like John Danaher, or Tom DeBlass, Bernardo Faria, Matthew Bryers, Travis Stevens, etc., etc., break down these simple techniques in a very advanced way gets me excited!

Explore the Fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu to better expand your knowledge and greater understanding of Jiu Jitsu and the Grappling Arts Overall.


I am a blue belt with about three years of experience in the world of BJJ and grappling. I have a grasp over the fundamentals. I can defend in close guard. I know how to switch my hips, I can bridge to create space, lock you up in a kimura, submit you in kesa gatame. In essence, the fundamentals are all I know. But what I do not know is how to teach them at a high level or how to explain the how’s and why’s of certain concepts – the tips that take a regular kimura that never works on an upper belts and turns it into a deadly submission in your arsenal. I do spend a lot of time exploring supper complicated techniques; instead I am drawn to teachers who demonstrate what works using fundamental principles and concepts.

If you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or have some experience but are frustrated with your rate of progress, I encourage you to seek out knowledge of the fundamentals. We are all taught these concepts from day one, and over time we tend to take for granted just how important it is to keep exploring and improving on the foundations that we think we have moved on from. The truth is BJJ masters spend their entire lives sharpening these fundamentals. They are fundamentals for the very reason that they are proven to work. They have been tested in live rolls, they have been tested in competition. And they have been adopted by men and women of different body types and levels of athleticism and used to develop their game.

As you explore the world of jiu jitsu you will find that many of the greats have built their careers on mastering the fundamentals. As a blue belt, I take some sense of satisfaction in knowing that the moves I have learned will eventually make me equal to the black belts that I am inspired by.

Bernardo Faria Has Become World Renowned For Teaching His Students And The World the "Foundations of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu". His jiu jitsu concepts and techniques don't require strength, extreme athleticism or years and years of experience on the mat. They are the fundamental principles of Jiu Jitsu that just work for everyone. Explore his DVD / On Demand Series: Foundations of Jiu Jitsu to learn more.



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