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Stealthy No Arm Triangle Choke with Romulo Barral

Stealthy No Arm Triangle Choke with Romulo Barral


Slick Triangle Choke Finish Details With Romulo!

When we think of a traditional triangle choke, all of those classic key elements probably come to mind. Breaking down our partners posture, securing one arm inside and one arm outside of our legs. Perhaps lifting the hips high to pass the arm across your body.

Start winning from the Spider Guard position like Rumulo Baral, world champion is known for his "impassable guard". The Spider Guard is the central component of all open guards.


You may have your own signature finishing techniques, but one common theme with the triangle is usually that all important one in one out detail referring to your partner's arms. But what about a triangle with no arms inside your legs? Can it be done? Sure, it can. Check out this awesome no arm triangle from Romulo Barral!

In this scenario, Bernardo Faria is pursuing a double under hook pass. Barral controls Faria’s sleeves, keeps heavy hips, and straightens his legs to keep from being stacked. There may be a little bit of cat and mouse type action here to create just the right opportunity for this particular attack, so be patient!

As the Faria puts his head down to dig in to the pass, this is the perfect time to begin the attack. Barral puts a cupping style hand on the right side of Faria’s neck. He then performs a small hip movement, propelling him backwards slightly, and brings his right leg up to the other side of Faria’s neck clamping down in traditional triangle fashion. He completes the triangle lock with his other leg, and then pulls Faria’s head toward his cupped hand, forcing the tap.

This is super cool, and definitely applicable. How many times have you been here?

Learn the Secrets of the Spider Guard from the BJJ Legend: Romulo Baral in this limited edition 4 DVD / On Demand Set.



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