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Establishing A Mindset For Your Daily Training

Establishing A Mindset For Your Daily Training


Get more about your time on the mats.


Getting your mind right for any situation can always lead to a better outcome of that task. The same thing works for your jiu-jitsu. Having the proper mindset before, during, and after your training day can be extremely beneficial to your jiu-jitsu learning process. Below are a few tips to get your mind right on the days you train.


Have A Goal For The Day


What do you want to accomplish today in training? Do you want to work on your breathing? Do you want to work on your leg locks? Escaping from side control? On the way to the gym, make yourself a small goal to achieve for the day. It can be something simple, but have a plan. By doing this, you are keeping mindful of your training. Your daily goal will keep you focused and work rid yourself of mindlessness during your daily training.

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Stay Focused And Pay Attention During Instruction


Do not undercut your drilling. I know we all like to roll, but drilling is where the magic really happens. Pay close attention to the instruction, and drill your moves with the goal of perfection in mind. Do not get lazy, and move willy-nilly through the motions of the move. Move with intention, and notice where you are having issues. And, if you are really struggling, be sure to ask your instructor, or a higher belt.


I know we all have friends, and we want to socialize. But, be sure this does not get in the way of your training. If you have to talk to your training partners, do it before or after class time. Do not talk during class; you are distracted, so are your training partners, and it is rude to your instructor.


Also, try to avoid arbitrary things during class. Use the restroom before class. Get your fingers taped before you head to the mat. And be on time.

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Reflect On The Day


This does not need to be a long, strenuous or exhausting thing. Again, on your drive home, think about the day. What went well? What went really bad? What do you need to work on? This will allow you center your thoughts, and make a plan when you head back to your next training session. Write it down if you need to, but look back on the day of training. If it was a bad day, so be it. Look at it, and learn from it. And be thankful for the good days. And be grateful that you have jiu-jitsu in your life, and that you were able to make it to the gym that day.


Take some time to center your mind when you head to the gym. By doing this, you will be able to accelerate the rate at which you learn and retain, and be more productive when you can make it to the mats. Give it a shot, and see what works well for you!

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