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Exploring The Painful Bicep Slicer


The bicep slicer…it is an extremely painful submission that is thought of incorrectly. Most people think that it is a pain compliance technique, but that is wrong. The bicep slicer is an attack that can cause some really bad damage. It can break the splinter and break the forearm, and in the past it has detached the bicep inside. While the bicep slicer is a submission that is difficult to seek by itself, it works as a great compliment to an arm bar defense. Continue on to see how you can incorporate this painful sub into your game…

So perhaps you were attacking your opponent from full mount. Everything was going swimmingly, as you were able to move up high, and hit an arm bar. But once you were about the finish this classic technique, the opponent was able to latch on with his hands together to stop from being finished by it. Now, the regular route would be to work grip breaking, but instead of trying to break the grip, you can go for the slicer. This is all based off of when an opponent gets a strong palm to palm grip and is simply too strong and won’t let go.

As he holds, you need to make sure that your grip becomes more shallow on the arm. Instead of having that deep grip with your arm, go shallow. Move your arm so that your wrist bone is in the elbow pocket/nook. Once that is corrected, your leg that is over the body needs to go over the opponent’s forearm that you are attacking. Then take your leg that is over the neck and use it to make a triangle with your legs over the opponent’s arm. Everything is becoming tight and locked up, so you are close to finishing the attack. For the finishing grip, you can either do a simple gable grip, or you can use a rear naked choke grip. Either way, it works. Pull in the opponent’s arm to your chest, bring your elbows in, sit back and squeeze. Your opponent will feel a whole hell of a lot of pain. I’ve seen even the toughest of dudes tap to slicers.

The bicep slicer is an awesome submission. It is one of many awesome submissions. While everyone becomes content with the basic subs because they are already high percentage, you need to expand your game. Adding those slightly odd, yet awesome attacks to your own style of rolling will help you become better. You will be able to finish more people because of your wider knowledge. Do yourself a favor and check out….

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