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BJJ Leg Locks and Inside Sankaku

BJJ Leg Locks and Inside Sankaku


Do you need to know Inside Sankaku to be good at jiu jitsu and leg locks?

If you are a big fan of submission only Jiu Jitsu, there is one phrase that you will hear over and over. That phrase is inside sankaku. But what is inside sankaku? Inside sankaku is one of the many leg entanglements that exist in BJJ and Submission Wrestling. It is a particular entanglement, where your legs are triangling your opponent’s legs on the inside.
Out of all of the entanglements, inside sankaku is probably the most powerful. The position sets you up for the most dangerous submission in all of Jiu Jitsu and it locks down the opponent’s hip which prevents any rolling escape. Three competitors that use the position to perfection are Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan (from the Danaher Death Squad).

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When it comes to entanglements, here are some of its best aspects. Check out this awesome entry into inside sankaku from Craig Jones as he demonstrates on world champion, Bernardo Faria. 


Leg Locks Entries Are Almost Infinite

One of the strongest points when it comes to inside sankaku are the endless amounts of entries. You can enter from butterfly guard, from butterfly half, x guard, imanari roll, etc. If there is a way to triangle your legs around your opponent’s legs on the inside, then that is a way into inside sankaku.

Eddie Cummings likes to enter into the entanglement from butterfly, as does Gordon. Garry likes to mix in take downs while transferring in. Because of ridiculous amounts of entries, you can always keep your opponent guessing.


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Inside Sankaku Leg Lock Position Is Hard to Defend

Another reason that this is one of the hottest positions, is because that it is extremely hard to defend. The position itself locks down the opponent’s hips. That completely shuts down the chance of your opponent from hitting any rolling escape. The best chance to escape is to hope that you’re sweaty enough to possibly slip out. Otherwise, it is a lose-lose situation. If you try to play within the entanglement, you are sure to be submitted.

The Deadliest BJJ Leg Lock, the Reverse Heel Hook

Going off of the last aspect, inside sankaku leads directly into a reverse heel hook. Because of the way your legs are triangled on the inside, it turns the opponent’s foot up and puts the toes in your armpit. The reverse heel hook is easily the most dangerous and painful submission in all of Jiu Jitsu. It is a submission that will tear every ligament from your ankle to your knee. Besides being dangerous, it also is hard to defend. Most black belts have a tough time defending the leg attack, let alone anyone else. If this all seems overwhelming to you, check out our article "Leg Locks Overview" for a good introduction to all things leg locks!

Craig Jones exploded on the scene in 2017 at the ADCC.  Going from a relatively unknown purple belt to a world famous black belt in seemingly one event, Craig Jones brought his dynamic presence and leg lock game to the world.  Over the next few years, he has honed these techniques in competition and when training with the likes of John Danaher and Gordon Ryan.  Now you too can benefit from these battle tested BJJ leg lock techniques

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