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Fabiano Scherner Claims Yet Another IBJJF Masters World Championship

Fabiano Scherner Claims Yet Another IBJJF Masters World Championship


This past weekend the OG's of BJJ competition were out in full force.  Las Vegas was the setting for this year's IBJJF Masters World Championships bringing over 30 athletes from all over the globe to the mats to display their competition spirit as well as the true longevity of the jiu jitsu athlete.

It came as very little surprise when perennial competitor and Gracie Barra ultra-heavyweight Fabiano Scherner came away with yet another world championship gold medal!  Congratulations to Fabiano for being an amazing representative and inspiration for the rest of us!

For more from Fabiano Scherner, check out Mastering BJJ After 40 his latest series from BJJ Fanatics!  You can get it in convenient On Demand or DVD formats with the click of a button!




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