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Flavio Almeida Claims His Third Masters World Title

Flavio Almeida Claims His Third Masters World Title


Flavio Almeida may be competing in the Masters division, but in his performance this past weekend he looked more like an up and coming young gun, than a masters 2 athlete. Flavio appeared to be in incredible shape, and His jiu-jitsu was beautifully on point. The younger brother of UFC veteran and BJJ giant Ricardo Almeida, secured his 3rd masters world title in Las Vegas at the masters worlds this weekend.

Flavio will add his new world title to a list of achievements that continues to grow, he’s has racked up a number of impressive victories and titles over a storied career.

After a year off from competing at worlds, an energetic and lively Flavio discusses his performances and his training for the Masters Worlds in this video.

Claiming to be in the best shape of his life, Flavio credits his rigorous strength and conditioning program as a large part of his success. He praises his younger training partners for keeping him sharp with their innovative jiu-jitsu. He also notes the importance of training with shorter rounds. He recommends keeping a schedule of 10, 5-minute rounds with 1 minute of rest, to help prepare for the shorter bout lengths. Judging by the way things transpired this weekend, we should all be taking notes!

Flavio offers some wise parting thoughts on training BJJ into your later years, that are worth a close listen.

Congratulations Flavio Almeida on your phenomenal showing this weekend, and thank you for the inspiration!

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