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Fake Scissor Sweep to Triangle

Fake Scissor Sweep to Triangle



Although the closed guard has become one of the most under-utilized positions in Jiu Jitsu, it is still necessary to learn some great and effective tricks to use for the times you end up playing closed guard. The last thing anyone would want is to end up in the most basic position in Jiu Jitsu and fail miserably at successfully attacking their opponent.


Since defenders are generally cognizant of the attacks that can occur when in someone’s closed guard, and this is especially true for grapplers who have been around for some years, it could prove helpful to learn transitions rather than individuals’ techniques.


One counter to the scissor sweep defense as attacking an armbar on the arm you are gripping. The quickness of this technique and elusiveness make it quite interesting and easy to use. In the following video, BJJ Fanatics goes over this technique with great detail.

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In order for this technique to work though, especially against experienced grapplers, is that the guard player needs to fully sell this sweep. If the bottom player is hesitant, a top player may become wary of that and pull back. Another way of getting this triangle is when a top player tries to pin their elbow to the bottom wedge so as to start passing. If you see this happening, this is a great opportunity to pull their arm in and attack the submission.



Although old school techniques are often difficult to finish against skilled opponents, we can use those positions to transition to more effective techniques. Interestingly, I only started to focus on my closed guard late into my blue belt period because I became aware of great transitions such as the one above.


An important tip for you is to always cut a strong angle for the finish. I always see people try to finish the triangle choke directly facing their opponent. It is difficult to apply the appropriate pressure from here, but when the angle is cut, the choke becomes very tight. After you cut the angle, also, stomp and curl while you squeeze your knees together for a very strong finish.


Finally, the triangle choke can be treated as a position for transitioning to other submissions like an armbar or omoplata which can also be effective, so don’t limit yourself to just the choke. People’s defenses will often present other submission opportunities so keep your eyes open and your attacks quick.

Triangles are considered to be one of the most effective techniques in all of Jiu-Jitsu by some of the BEST MINDS in Jiu-Jitsu. Never has there been more of a comprehensive look at the Triangle System than now. John Danaher adds another masterpiece to the Enter The System series. 



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