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Fastest Way to BJJ Mental Toughness

Fastest Way to BJJ Mental Toughness


 5X World Champ Gives Secret to BJJ Toughness

Bernardo Faria is no stranger to competition.  Recently honored by the IBJJF for being one of only a few people to have ever won the Open Class World Championships.  His career included 5 World Championships.  He would often get asked by students, fans, and fellow competitors what the secret was to building strong mental toughness in preparation for BJJ competition.

For Bernardo, there was no trick to preparing oneself mentally on the day of the competition.  Instead, he believes that the effort should be put into the preparation and training for the competition.  He would do this with two distinct approaches that anyone can do to build a high degree of mental toughness.

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Train when your tired and don't train to win for mental toughness

There is too much emphasis for most practitioners on trying to win every match during training.  For Bernardo, one's focus should not be on trying to win but instead on trying to push themselves as far as they can in training.  By switching his focus from primarily focusing on trying to "beat" his training partners and instead by trying to train with the toughest teammates when they were freshest and he was the most tired, he was able to put himself into the deep waters that would make competition day a walk in the park.

Take a moment and check out Bernardo's video about the his approach below and get started pushing yourself further than you've thought possible and develop the mental toughness in the quickest possible way.

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