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Fight 2 Win 102: Mahamed Aly versus Max Gimenis

Fight 2 Win 102: Mahamed Aly versus Max Gimenis


On Saturday, February 16, 2019, the Fight 2 Win promotion held their F2Win 102 event at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.   In the main event, 2018 IBJJF World Champion Mahamed Aly, from Team Lloyd Irvin, faced the 2016 IBJJF Brown Belt Champion, Max Gimenis, who represents GF Team under Julio Cesar Pereira.  This match was for the Fight 2 Win Black Belt Super Heavyweight Gi Title.

This match up was actually the third time these competitors met- with Gimenis beating Aly on points last summer at the NY BJJ Pro event, and Aly submitting him with a toehold in their second match on October 2018 at the World Series of Grappling.  Like the previous matches before, this was equally exciting, as Aly was able to take Gimenis down with a firemen's carry in the beginning of the match. But Gimenis was able to get back to his feet and both competitors continued to exchange positions, until Aly was able to submit Gimenis with a cross choke from the top half position.  With this win, Mahamed Aly has now become the Fight 2 Win Black Belt Super Heavyweight Champion.

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At this Fight 2 Win 102 event, competitors were paid a total of $24, 068 in salaries and commissions

F2Win 102 Results:

Black Belt Results

Mahamed Aly defeats Max Gimines Cross Choke - SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT

*Becomes F2W Black Belt Super Heavy Weight Gi Champion

Gustavo Monteiro Araújo defeats Jesse Jacquez Decision

Jacob Benitez defeats Benjamin Sandoval Darce

Aaron Perls defeats Nate Harris Decision

Joel Whitney defeats Henry Martinez Decision


Garrett Aldrich defeats Jesse Butler Choke - FIGHT OF THE NIGHT

Brown Belt Results

Dan Dykeman defeats Eric Valdez RNC

Craig Ansbach defeats Tuauu Pleasant Armbar

Saul Elizondo defeats Eric Buck Neck Crank - SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT

Cody Hoffstatter defeats Luis Castillo Decision

Troy Everett defeats James Gifford Guilotene - FIGHT OF THE NIGHT

Fernando Amadeu defeats Johnny Gurule RNC

Purple/Blue Belt Results

Sara Apodaca defeats Jenna Osuna Armbar

Reece Killebrew defeats Edgar Gamboa Decision - FIGHT OF THE NIGHT

Resen Meser defeats Abie Gonzales RNC

Morgan Massey defeats Rene Grobecker

Bernardo G Dusich-Griego defeats Alec Valles Decision

Kateri Jojola defeats Kendra Carmona decision

Jeff Wallis defats Charles Bird decision

Alli Price defeats Nicole Sandoval Decision

Nate Flanders defeats Joey Acosta Armbar

Vin Barreda defeats Adolfo Gomez Heel Hook

Christian Edwards defeats Kar King Heel Hook

Imanol Garcia defeats Oscar Garcia Triangle

Javier Rubio defeats Jared Lesperance Decision

Kenan Jackson defeats Eric Silva Americana

Jesse Tafoya defeats Ran Weathers Decision

Brian Neff defeats Luis Rivera Decision

Jess Ma rtinez defeats Donnie Bryan Kimura

Tyler Star defeats Greg Hassan Guilotene

Jared Mcloughlin defeats David Gomez decision

Paul Hunhoff defeats Jerald Aldaco decision

KayLynn Aragon defeats Mercedes White Decision

Slade Ring defeats Daren Donate Oma Plata RNC

Sergio Gonzales defeats Jude Romero Darce

Brendon Baca defeats Alex Alyson Decision

Andres Archuleta defeats Enrique Godiva Decision

Akuma Maters defeats Shamar Walker Decision

Jake Riglin defeats Brian Tulla Choke


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