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Add a Dangerous New Layer to Your Half Guard Using the Two on One Grip with Bernardo Faria

Add a Dangerous New Layer to Your Half Guard Using the Two on One Grip with Bernardo Faria


Using a two on one grip while playing guard can be extremely useful and tough to deal with when you’re on the other end. Especially in no gi, when the grips are a bit scarcer and things get a little slippery. The two on one can be used in a variety of ways. Often times we see it being used to take the back, set up a sweep, or as a means to pursue a submission. One of BJJ’s greatest, Marcelo Garcia seems to have a two on one game that also includes magic. If you’ve ever watched him use a two on one while training or competing, it seems almost as if his hands are magnetic when connecting to his partners arm. He masterfully employs the two on one to set up a plethora of jaw dropping techniques.

Bernardo Faria is a multiple time world champ and has TONS of footage to share. Click Learn More!!



Let’s look at a simple way to use the two on one grip from Bernardo Faria. Faria spent several years training and teaching at Marcelo Garcia’s Academy in New York, and in that time was exposed to lots of two on one technique. He came away with his own take on the famed grip, and applied it to his game. In this video he shows us a simple way to use the two on one to secure a single leg, as well as some other options. Have a look!

Setting up in the half guard, Faria let’s his knee shield ride across his partner’s belly. He acquires the two on one grip using a palm up grip at the wrist, and a thumb up grip at the elbow of his partner. Faria simply uses the power of the two on one to push his partner’s arm across his body. With his arm out of the way, the path to the single leg is now clear. Faria kicks his leg, comes up on his elbow, and wraps his partners thigh, securing the single leg and driving through.

The single leg is not the only option here. As Faria demonstrates, he can easily set up the dogfight position, or move to take his partners back.

Next time you’re playing half guard, keep the two on one in mind, and see how you can make it work for you!




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