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Execute a Basic Double Leg Takedown with Bernardo Faria

Execute a Basic Double Leg Takedown with Bernardo Faria


Delving into the world of takedowns can be extremely overwhelming. If you’re not a career martial artist, and don’t have any basic wrestling experience, it can be tough to fine some steady ground on which to begin the takedown learning process. I’ve always felt that very basic wrestling is the best place to start. Keep it simple, and learn the basics. Once you have a strong foundation, you can begin to add more to your game.

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A very basic takedown that you can begin with is the double leg. The double leg may be the most recognized takedown in all of grappling. It’s a staple in basic wrestling, and many BJJ players have adapted it in many ways to serve their game. In this video Bernardo Faria demonstrates a basic and highly applicable double leg take down that requires very few steps and little movement.  Have a look at this.

Faria begins with talking about distance. He reminds us that we can not execute a proper takedown from a great distance. To be successful our partners shoulders need to be within reach. Setting up in a very basic stance (one leg forward, hips low, slight bend in the knees, hands out front) Faria begins to step in between his partners feet. As he steps, he lowers his level a bit, and cups the back of his partners knees. With a slight driving motion of his shoulder, and a pulling motion at the back of his partner’s knees, Faria is able to secure a nice double leg take down.

What I really like about this particular version of the technique is that Faria doesn’t over commit. The guillotine and other various submissions seem to become more available when we run our partners over using the double leg. Faria employs small concise movements to take his partner down, and in doing so remains on his feet at the completion of the move. This allows him to immediately begin passing.

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