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Strengthen Your Shield With Tom DeBlass

Strengthen Your Shield With Tom DeBlass


Let Half Guard Master Tom DeBlass Bring Some Extra Strength to Your Shield in Bottom Half Guard

We continually discus the importance of frames in BJJ. It seems no matter the situation a frame will most likely come in to play. Whether we’re defending, attacking, or transitioning, its important that we understand how to use frames to our advantage. There may not be a more crucial position where frames are employed than the bottom half guard. The guard itself relies heavily on the ability to use frames to keep our opponents at a distance while we decide our next course of action.

Tom DeBlass talks a lot about framing methods and their importance. He also has one of the best half guards in the game, and his knowledge of the application of framing concepts is second to none. In this video, DeBlass discusses how to reinforce your bottom half guard frames to create an even stronger structure against a very large opponent, or someone that is just simply coming forward with very heavy pressure. Check this out.

DeBlass sets up in the half guard, and begins by explaining that the shield is not just the top knee in bottom half guard. It consists of both hands, the knee, and the bottom foot as well. This is great way to look at the concept of the shield. Some of us may underestimate the role that the bottom foot plays in the half guard, and in the creation of a strong shield.

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As his partner begins to apply heavy pressure, DeBlass removes his bottom foot from a hooking position and plants it in his partner’s far hip. This provides a massive amount of relief from the pressure that’s being poured on. This extra frame can also be used even if DeBLass’s hips are collapsed, as he is still able to move his leg at the knee and find his partner’s hip. The use of his foot to create some space may also provide him with the opportunity to get his top knee back into a better framing position.

Going further, DeBlass also makes mention of the omoplata opportunity if his partner chooses to hug his hip. As he pushes his partner away, he’s given a brief pocket of space where the omoplata can be attacked.

Great details here from a true master of the half guard. Keep this in mind the next time you’re feeling that heavy top pressure in bottom half. 




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