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Overhook - The Value of It

Overhook - The Value of It


One of the most common phrases uttered in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or mixed martial arts is “get under hooks.” Under hooks are a fundamental part of grappling and wrestling that allow the person with the under hook to have substantial control over their opponents. The under hook can be used from many positions such as half guard, side control, mount, and can be both defensive or offensive. 

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This huge emphasis on the under hook overshadows the value of a similar grip, the over hook. Although the positional difference between the two is not huge, the technical difference is substantial. Not to say that one is better than the other as they both have their advantages and pitfalls. Just like the under hook, the over hook can be used from a variety of positions and be defensive or offensive as well.

Of the many positions the over hook can be used from in Jiu Jitsu, the different guards are where it can seem most effective. In guard, regardless of which one, we are constantly looking to break down our opponent’s posture. Under hooks do little to help with that, but over hooks can improve that skill tremendously. This is because over hooks allow you to apply downward pressure.

From half guard or closed guard, there are a ton of different submissions and sweeps you can attempt utilizing the over hook. Because the over hook both breaks down your opponent’s posture and exposes an arm, any submission that can take advantage of that could be used. Watch the following video in which Tom Deblass illustrates an omoplata from the over hook.

The omoplata is a great option when you have an over hook in half guard or closed guard because not only have you exposed that arm, the arm is also bent in a way the makes it an easy submission to finish. Another option you have from the guard when you have an over hook is a triangle choke. After establishing the over hook and cutting an angle, use your other hand to grip your opponent’s far wrist. From here, push their far wrist away and free your bottom leg. This will allow you to bring that far leg to the head and lock up the triangle.

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