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For the stand up grappling portion of BJJ, there is one grip that I really enjoy using for training in the gi. The grip is known as the Georgian grip. The Georgian grip is a style of gripping the belt, or the belt and sleeve that originally comes from Georgian wrestling. The grip eventually made its way into the art of Sambo, due to Sambo players from the eastern European country of Georgia using this particular grip. It is used in Sambo and Judo, by players from the east.

The grip works great in Jiu Jitsu. Most Jiu Jitsu stylists are familiar with most of the standard BJJ and Judo grips, but the Georgian grip can throw some off. While you do have to monitor the amount of power you put into the throw due to the possibility of losing control of your opponent, it can be a very effective way to set up throws.  The most important thing to remember when using this grip is to use great elbow pressure. If you do not use the pressure from your elbow, there is a possibility that you can have your back taken. But once you have the pressure down, you are half way to getting a successful throw. Check out Sambo/Judo black belt, Vlad Koulikov discuss the set ups for the grip.

The Georgian grip can work for many different Judo style throws that you will learn in BJJ. One of the first throws anyone will learn in BJJ is the O Soto Gari, which is a basic leg reaping trip. With standard grips, the O Soto Gari gets pretty tough. Everyone uses their strength to defend it. The Georgian grip will bypass some of the strength that opponents try to use and make it easier to attain. But it also works great for some different hip throws and leg lift throws. Down below, Judo/Sambo coach, Steve Scott shows the finer points of using the grip for the O Soto Gari.

This grip can feel kind of goofy when trying it out for the first time. You might feel like it might not be secure, but it is such a fantastic grip for high percentage throws. While it is not in the standard Jiu Jitsu teachings, it is something you can incorporate into your training. You might find yourself getting more throws on your opponents than usual. For more insight on great throwing techniques, check out the Travis Stevens, The Takedown Blueprint DVD.

The Takedown Blueprint by Travis Stevens. A great resource for throws! (click link)

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