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The Super Fight: Gordon Ryan vs Claudio Calasans



Jiu Jitsu fans everywhere rejoiced as one of the biggest super fights of the year was announced the other day for Grappling Industries on October 22nd in Manhattan. EBI Absolute champ Gordon Ryan of the infamous Danaher Death Squad will take on the 2015 ADCC Absolute champ, Claudio Calasans. This match is due to be dynamite and will be done with submission only, no time limit rules. Gordon Ryan has been on a roll lately. Ryan most recently submitted Keenan Cornelius at a super fight for Grappling Industries after an hour and twenty minutes. Calasans has been dominating at other major tournaments such as Copa Podio and the World Pro’s. Take a look at the keys to victory for both of these stars.

Gordon Ryan. For Gordon to take this match, he will need to rely first on his leg attacks. We have seen in the past that Calasans is open to leg attacks. Luis Panza has submitted Calasans in the past with a straight foot lock, and Ryan has been devastating with his heel hooks. Many opponents have tapped to his heel hooks in recent times. Also, Gordon needs to rely on his experience in the submission only, no time limit realm. Calasans has only done tournaments and matches that revolve around the IBJJF scoring system. Leg attacks and experience in the rule set will benefit Gordon.


Claudio Calasans. Calasans is no joke. He is a rising star just as is Gordon. He has beaten some big names in the point scene and has looked great in doing so. There are keys for Claudio to take home the win here. What he needs to do is use his Judo background, and every time Gordon stands, he will need to dump him right back down with a big throw. What he also needs to do is use his top passing game. In the past, he has played with the 50/50 guard exceptionally well, but with a dangerous leg locker such as Gordon, it would be a bad idea. He has shown that he can provide some tough top pressure. He could use his passing game to tire Gordon out, gain the dominant position and get the submission finish.


This is going to be an interesting match. Gordon has done very well in these style of matches, as the rest of the Danaher team has. Claudio has little experience in this kind of match. He has done great in big tournaments, but without the use of points or advantages, this could be a tough transition for him. If he is training for this particular rule set, he could make a big splash. It will be shown live via stream. October 22nd, expect fireworks!


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