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One of the hottest techniques in BJJ competition today is the berimbolo. Some love it due to due to the fact that you can gain dominant positions, while others hate it due to the fact that is a sport only technique. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny its effectiveness in competition. The berimbolo is something you need to know if you’re looking to compete. Even if you don’t want to use it, you’ll have to know how to defend it.

Finding the Right Situation to Use the Berimbolo

Most of the common entries into the berimbolo are from some kind of sitting guard. Many like to get to it from the 50/50 guard or the De La Riva guard. If you can get a solid hold on your opponent’s belt and pant leg, you will begin to work for your berimbolo. People too often make the mistake of going for it without getting the needed controls, and end up in a bad position. Always make sure you have the important grips for the bolo. Rafael Mendes has a nice simple basic breakdown of the berimbolo controls.

The Inverted Roll

To get good at the berimbolo, you need to get good at the basic mechanics needed for it. The mechanic that seems the hardest to master for those that are new to the technique is the inverted roll. Most people who try to get this roll down, usually make the mistake of trying to do a normal roll (or log roll). For this particular roll, you have to roll on your shoulders and make yourself invert, or go upside down. This is essential for the technique. Here, Stephen Kesting talks about how to train this movement.

Berimbolo used in No Gi

The berimbolo, while used in gi competition can also be used in no gi as well. You might understand right away, due to the lack of belt and pant grips. With the no gi version, you trade the traditional gi grips to controlling the opponent’s ankle and lat. When you do this, you can still use it to get to your opponent’s back or the mount position. Here is BJJ black belt, Jay Pages explaining how it is done without the gi.

The two most famous perpetrators if the berimbolo have to be the Miyao brothers, Paulo and Joao. They have use the technique over and over again in gi and no gi tournaments to win the gold on many occasions. It has been proven to be an effective technique time and time again. Remember to practice the entries, the mechanics/movements and try it out in rolling both in the gi and without the gi. If you are looking for more material to expand your berimbolo game, check out the Miyao brothers DVD.

The Miyao brothers DVD, The Berimbolo and Beyond. A great resource for everything berimbolo. (check this link)


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