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Fight 2 Win PRO 95 Results!

Fight 2 Win PRO 95 Results!


 An Exciting Night Of Jiu-Jitsu In San Diego!

Main Event: Lovato vs. Hinger

This Saturday, at Fight 2 Win 95 at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego, CA the main event featured top American grapplers Josh Hinger  and Rafael Lovato Jr. Hinger, representing ATOS, is a two time IBJJF No-Gi World champion, and Lovato Jr, representing Ribeiro BJJ, is a IBJJF Gi and No Gi world champion and current undefeated MMA star (fighting Gegard Mousasi for the Bellator Middleweight Title in January in  Bellator 214).

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While the two have competed against each other previously, with Lovato coming out the victor at the 2017 IBJJF Masters World Championships, that match was in the gi- which Lovato has a decided advantage in.  In fact, Lovato is only one of 5 Americans to ever win the IBJJF World Championships (since the inaugural event in 1996), winning the heavyweight division in 2007. The other American champions include: BJ Penn in 2000, Robert Drysdale in 2005, Mikey Musumeci in 2017 and 2018, and Shane Jamil Hill in 2018.

While their last match was in the gi, for this match on Saturday, they faced each other in no-gi.  Hinger had stated, “ I’ve faced Lovato Jr. before in the gi and he smashed me pretty well, but no-gi had always kinda been my thing”.

When the match started, both competitors came out very aggressive, looking for the takedown.  However, it was Hinger, who got the first takedown via a duck under. Once the match hit the ground, Lovato was able to threaten repeated kimura attempts in his closed guard before he was able to sweep Hinger.

Lovato was then able to pass Hinger’s guard and the match ended with him mounting Hinger.  Lovato was able to win the unanimous decision and retain his Fight 2 Win Light Heavyweight belt with this dominant performance.  

In addition to the main event, other notable matches included the female black belt title fight featuring Jena Biship and Amanda Alequin.  This was an exciting match with both grapplers trading submissions back and forth, with several dangerous estima, ankle, heel hook, and calf slicer attacks.  At the end of this closely contested match, the judges awarded the no-gi bantamweight title to Amanda.

Baret Yoshida also became Fight 2 Win’s most winningest black belt, as he finished his opponent, Andres Pontes with a kneebar- making it his seventh win for the promotion.  

Full Results of  Fight to Win 95:

Black Belt Results 

Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Josh Hinger Decision *Retains F2W Light Heavyweight Black Belt No-Gi Title

Tubby Alequin defeats Jena Bishop Decision *Becomes Bantamweight Black Belt No-Gi Champion 

Baret Yoshida defeats Andre Pontes Knee Bar

Tarsis Carvalho Humphreys defeats Kuhio Tabancura Choke 

Kong Seraile defeats Matt Palupelelei Split Decision 

Tristan Lesecq defeats Marcus Porter Armbar 

Andy Burke defeats Dustin Peek Heel Hook 

Gabrielle Mc Comb defeats Liz Carmouche split decision 

Rolando Samson defeats Paul Woo Armbar 

Jacob Lee defeats Geoff Real Split Decision 

Analilya Calzada defeats Charisa Sigala Knee Bar – Sub of the Night (Black)

Piter Frank defeats Johnny Tama Decision - Fight of the Night (Black)  

Sergio Rios defeats Michael Trasso Decision 

Ricky Lule defeats Adam Mazin Decision 

Ben Dyson defeats Jesse Taylor Triangle 

James Lawson defeats Mike Velez Decision 

Juan Mob defeats Alfredo Barum RNC

Dominic Damian defeats Ben Eddy Decision

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Brown Belt Results

Richard Lopez defeats Steven Wagner Choke

Vinícius Lino defeats Ricky Nunez Foot Lock 

Keith Krikorian defeats Mathias Luna Split Decision - Fight of the Night (Brown)

Zakk LeCates defeats Sean Najjar Heel Hook – Sub of the Night (Brown)

James Baldwin defeats Chris Richey Darce

Purple Belt Results

Terrance Souser defeats Marco Martinez Decision – Fight of the Night (Purple)

Adam Bradley defeats Breylor Grout Heel Hook – Sub of the Night (Purple)

Breanna Stikkelman defeats Heather Morgan Toe Hold 

Alexandria Whitlock defeats Amber Rowe Decision

Heather Woods defeats Mariana Gil Decision 

Igor Tanabe defeats Diego Vazquez Decision 

Nikol Aguirre Almazan defeats Kimberly Bowser Decision 

Matt Cox defeats Carl Budro Split Decision 

Ricky Briceno defeats Seymour Lewis Decision

Teen Results 

Xavier Silva defeats Victor Bonato Decision - Fight of the Night (Teen)

Gil Pereira defats Josh Webb Decision 

Bailey Lopp defeats Nathan Otter Split Decision 

Zoey Chiles defeats Daniela Perez RNC – Sub of the Night (Teen)


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