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Fight Back Against the Knee Weave Pass With Tom DeBlass

Fight Back Against the Knee Weave Pass With Tom DeBlass


One of the most effective passes when facing a strong half guard and knee shield is the leg weave pass.  By driving their near side arm under the knee shield leg down to the bottom leg which is hooking the thigh, they can begin to immobilize and connect the bottom half player's thighs.  This makes smashing and neutralizing the knee shield much easier.

This leg weave combined with the driving of the head under the chin of the bottom player can make for a very effective pass.  Tom DeBlass has built a nearly two decade career as a high level grappler utilizing half guard in all of its forms to make it to the premier stages of ADCC and IBJJF.

In the video below, Tom DeBlass shares an easy counter to the leg weave pass that can set up back attacks from the bottom or in the worst case scenario, a reset of the knee shield and strong bottom half guard positioning.  Check out the short video below and then get over to BJJ Fanatics to check out his best-selling Half Domination series, where he breaks down all of his best top and bottom half guard techniques.






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