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Figure Out Leg Locks With The Cloverleaf Entry by Charles Harriot

Figure Out Leg Locks With The Cloverleaf Entry by Charles Harriot

Cloverleaf by Charles Harriott

Charles Harriott is a lifelong martial artist with a passion for Jiu Jitsu and a focus on a conceptual approach to teaching. Charles Harriott is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and he is a BJJ Globe Trotters Instructor. He just released an instructional video series "Leg locks 101." This is an attack that he uses when trying to go for leg locks. The clover leaf is one of the most underrated and devastating submissions.

Want to learn leg locks like the cool kids, but don't know where to start? Charles Harriott breaks it down for you with his DVD series Leg Locks 101.


Watch the video below and then we will break down Charles Harriott’s Clover leaf submission technique. Check it out now!

Charles Harriott starts off this technique with a leg triangle on his opponent’s leg. Next he takes his training partner’s far leg and pulls it over, controlling it with a straight ankle lock grip. Charles personally thinks that having this grip is very powerful. From here he tilts to his side and plants his foot on the mat. It is very important to stay active with your leg to squeeze your training partner’s knee. You want his knee to be flared, which gives you the power you need to hit this submission. Now when you have both legs trapped, you remove your opponent’s ability to stand or roll into another position. His defense is now drastically reduced, giving you a great advantage. All of these things make it really hard for him to escape. From here it is time to finish the clover leaf submission. Pay attention to how Charles Harriott feeds his arm between his training partner’s legs. Keep your elbow low and catch your gable grip as you go back on your side. It is probably possible to finish flat on your back but where this move really shines is when you get up on your side. Notice that you are using your opponent’s own shin to create the pressure that makes the submission possible. This is a very powerful submission when done correctly.

Keep in mind the Clover Leaf submission is not IBJJF legal, but that should not stop you from learning it. The concepts here are very effective and having this submission in your back of tricks will help you to become a more well rounded Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player. Thank you Charles Harriott for sharing this technique with us!

When people are introduced to leg locks, they are not being taught systems because most instructors don't have a system for leg locks or were never taught it themselves.  Many of us go to our academy and we are randomly taught a heel hook or ankle lock from outside ashi or some other leg entanglement.  But, we have no idea what reactions we may get or how to safely enter these submissions. Charles Harriot fixes this problem.
Charles has spent years developing an easy to learn, safe and extremely effective curriculum to safely introduce leg locks to anybody at any belt level, skill level, age, height, athletic level, and size.