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Finally Finish the Arm Bar from the Turtle with the Legendary Sakuraba

Finally Finish the Arm Bar from the Turtle with the Legendary Sakuraba


Slick Armbar From The Legend, Kazushi Sakuraba

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been stuck in this position. There’s a million ways to get here, and I’ve learned many techniques to try and complete the submission, but the armbar from the turtle has always been very difficult for me to finish. Not anymore!

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Bernardo Faria recently spent some time with the legendary Sakuraba, along with Craig Jones. It seems they extracted some of Sakuraba’s greatest secrets for his upcoming instructional with BJJ fanatics, including this gem for finishing the armbar from the turtle position. Have a look at this!

This video particularly deals with the finish. The most common way to end this scenario that I’ve always been presented with usually has something to do with grabbing your opponent’s foot and pulling them over top of your body into a position where you can finish a traditional arm bar. I’ve had success with this, but not a lot.

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When your opponent is on their knees defending, a very common reaction will be grabbing the inside of their own thigh to try and stop the progression of the armbar. To remedy this Sakuraba encapsulates the leg of his opponent with his arms. At this point the arm is still trapped inside his arms along with the leg. He extends his body, stretching both the arm and the leg which eventually forces the tap.

This is a great option when you’re stuck in this position. Especially if you’re dealing with someone much stronger than you. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what else Sakuraba has in his coveted bag of tricks! Coming soon!

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