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You Should Know John Danaher (and Want to Learn from Him)

You Should Know John Danaher (and Want to Learn from Him)


John Danaher is changing a lot about what we thought we knew about jiu-jitsu. With the release of his new instructional series titled “Enter the System”, he’s giving grapplers all over the world an inside look at the systems that have brought such tremendous success to his athletes.

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John Danaher started training BJJ when he was 28 years old and working as bouncer in a nightclub in NYC while finishing his Masters in Psychology at Columbia University. He saw other bouncers use grappling techniques while handling situations in the club and decided he needed to try it out. HE saw first-hand the benefits BJJ could bring to his own safety, and that of the other patrons.

Danaher’s dedication to BJJ led to him training on the mats 12-14 hours a day, obsessing over technique and learning all he could. He has focused that same dedication to teaching others ever since he was asked to begin teaching at Renzo’s academy as a purple belt, committing to be the best instructor he could be.

Fast Forward.

John Danaher received his black belt under Renzo Gracie in 2002 and is now a long-time instructor at Renzo Gracie Academy in NYC. He is world-renowned for his BJJ knowledge and teaching abilities and has become famous for his Danaher Death Squad, the nickname given to his team of world-famous grapplers, such as Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, and Nicky Ryan, who have worked with him, and become stars of grappling under his tutelage. He’s also worked with big-name MMA stars, such as Georges St. Pierre, Jake Shields, and Chris Weidman.

What does this mean for you? Well, you don’t have to be a world-class grappler or an MMA star to receive Danaher’s stellar instruction. BJJ Fanatics has a series of instructionals taught by Danaher that will change your BJJ game forever. The first release, Leglocks: Enter the System, was quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated instructional of all time. John Danaher has made himself well-known for taking a very conceptual and philosophical approach to his grappling instruction. The instructional encapsulates his philosophy of leg submissions, clocking in at well over 9 hours of game-changing content.

Danaher’s Enter the System series also includes his instruction on back attacks, front headlocks, the kimura and the newest release, the triangle.

Maybe we can’t all train 12-14 hours a day like Danaher, but you will definitely add value to your BJJ game with his instructional content. Check out this interview with John Danaher to learn a little more about him!

John Danaher is changing the jiu-jitsu game with his amazing grappling instruction. And, BJJ Fanatics has just that. Get Danaher's DVD " Front Head Locks: Enter The System" and learn from one of the best in the game! Check it out here!



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