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How to Catch the Rear Triangle from Turtle

How to Catch the Rear Triangle from Turtle


Learn The Rear Triangle With John Danaher!

The rear triangle, sometimes inappropriately referred to as the reverse triangle, is one of the best submission positions in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The rear triangle combines the elements of back control and the triangle position to provide extensive control and submission potential against an opponent. The reverse triangle is an excellent position not only for Jiu Jitsu but also MMA and self-defense.

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This position can be attacked from a wide of variety of positions, but most people know of and set it up only from traditional back control. Although back control is sort of a transitional position when attacking the reverse triangle, it can still be attacked from many other positions. The beauty of the reverse triangle is that it provides the attacker with the ability to easily finish many submissions while making it near impossible for the defender to escape.

Although many grapplers use this position, the ones who have reintroduced its great effectiveness are the students of John Danaher, namely Gordon Ryan. In Danaher’s latest instructional DVD, he provides us with details on how to set up this position against a turtled opponent. Watch the video below.

Although this set up appears to be through back control initiation, it more so resembles a crucifix transition against a based opponent after knocking them on their side from turtle. What Danaher emphasizes a lot in this triangle series is extensive double wrist control. This is important to prevent the defender from linking their arms together. Although this is not a big problem when doing the reverse triangle, it can give the defender extra time to set up their escape.

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Finishing the reverse triangle can be done in many ways. Many grapplers find that finishing the choke by squeezing is difficult, especially if the attacker has smaller legs. The submissions I like to catch most often here are armlocks and shoulder locks. The reason I love this triangle  is that you can attack an armbar, kimura, or even Americana, depending on what the does with their arm.

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