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Find Someone You Can't Stand and Try this Filthy Neck Crank from Neil Melanson

Find Someone You Can't Stand and Try this Filthy Neck Crank from Neil Melanson


Brutal Choke From Neil Melanson Guaranteed To Ruin Opponent's Day

Neil Melanson is one of the most revered MMA and grappling coaches on the planet.  The roster of athletes that have studied with and under Coach Neil reads like a who's who of the history of MMA.  He has also long been one of the most popular instructors here at BJJ Fanatics.  His approach to grappling is both practical and supremely brutal.  In the MMA cage, there is no room for any position or technique that does not feature both of those concepts.

He brings a deep understanding of the brutal history of catch wrestling and has been able to modernize it with cutting edge ideas and techniques and created an entire system that includes his Ground Marshal Guard and Half Guard, along with series that focus on specific submissions like Headhunter Guillotines, Kimuras and Leg Attacks.  He is literally a walking grappling encyclopedia with all of the moves that will not only finish the fight, but make the opponent remember their loss forever.

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In the technique below, Coach Neil Melanson shows an ultra-brutal technique from side control that is both choke and neck crank.  Every aspect of the technique is purposely implemented to cause your opponent suffering and force them to submit.  There are no extra steps.  No fancy twists and turns.  Just the pure onslaught of pain and suffering.

Check out the move yourself in the video below and make sure you try it out on someone you can't stand to get full filthiness!  Enjoy--because they won't!

Building on the success of his Ground Marshal Guard and Half Guard System, Coach Melanson has most recently released his Ground Marshal Leg Locks system.  Never before have you been able to stop ignoring 50% of the human body with such violence!  Get your copy here at BJJ Fanatics!






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