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Fine-Tuning the Basics: The Toreando Pass with Jason Hunt

Fine-Tuning the Basics: The Toreando Pass with Jason Hunt


Bernardo Faria describes Jason Hunt as a BJJ guru who seems to know every move in the books and maybe even some that haven’t been written yet. 

Fortunately for us, Hunt is coming out with a new series on passing.

In the video below, Hunt gives us a sneak preview of his new series, with a detailed look at the Toreando pass.

As he prepares to pass Bernardo’s guard, Hunt tells us that his aim is not to get to Bernardo’s head but to just get past Bernardo’s knees.  Taking this approach makes the task seem a bit more manageable and is really all Hunt needs to do to get control of his opponent’s hips.  

Hunt also reminds us that we should keep low as we begin our pass attempt.  Coming in high allows Bernardo to defend more easily, getting grips and using his feet to defend and keep Hunt at bay.

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So, Hunt comes in low.  As he places his right hand on Bernardo’s hip to control it, he leads with his right knee while making sure to keep his arm bent and close to his right knee.  If his right arm is straight, it gives Bernardo an opportunity to lasso his arm. By keeping his arm bent, with his elbow close to his knee, Hunt doesn’t give his opponent enough room to lasso him.

As Hunt weighs down on Bernardo’s left hip with his right hand, he swivel-steps around to his left so that he can get his right shoulder on Bernardo’s right knee.  He uses his entire body to push his opponent’s right leg down and easily passes Bernardo’s guard, gaining control of his hips.

Hunt keeps his weight heavy on Bernardo’s legs while placing one knee behind Bernardo’s hips and his head on Bernardo’s shoulder.  This is important because Hunt doesn’t want his opponent to be able to swivel around. By controlling Bernardo’s hips, Hunt restricts his opponent’s movement and limits his ability to defend.

 After demonstrating the basics of the pass, Hunt shows us how to use the pass in a more realistic situation.  As Bernardo attempts to gain his favorite position—the half guard—Hunt drops low, secures his right hand on Bernardo’s hip, and uses his left hand to control Bernardo’s right knee until he can get his shoulder and body into position to pass his guard and secure his hips.

If Hunt stays high, Bernardo is able to keep his head below Hunt’s and can press forward with his attempt to gain the half guard.  This forces Hunt to either fall into Bernardo’s half guard or retreat.

After showing us the problems associated with a Toreando attempt that starts too high, Hunt shows how much more agile and defensive we are when we get low.  That low position enables Hunt to quickly go in for the pass or—if necessary—to step back if he needs to defend or reset himself.

Bernardo also points out that Hunt doesn’t just walk around his opponent’s knees to finish the pass.  Instead, Hunt moves his opponent’s knees out of the way, allowing him to keep closer as he passes.

Watch Hunt’s entire Toreando Pass demonstration below:

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