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Jon Satava: Inverted Armbar With Hip Escape

Jon Satava: Inverted Armbar With Hip Escape


Jon Satava has made a career out of the butterfly guard and the submissions available from it.

One of those submissions is the inverted arm bar.  Usually, Satava pushes his partner away with his hooks and sits up to finish the inverted arm bar (0:36), but in this video, he shows us how to use the inverted arm bar when your opponent prevents you from sitting up.

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Satava explains that there’s no way he can finish the inverted arm bar from his back.  There simply is not enough space available between himself and his partner for him to lock his partner’s elbow.

Satava explains that, if he can’t sit up to get the height necessary to lock the elbow, he’s going to find an angle that allows him to finish the arm bar.

However, since his partner’s base is solid and Satava cannot sit up, he puts both of his feet on the mat and hip escapes.  His hips slide out to the same side as the arm Satava has targeted for the arm bar (1:35).

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It is important that he shifts to his side as he hip escapes, because this will create the space Satava needs to lock his opponent’s elbow.  If he remains/returns to his back after his hip escape, that space will not be there.

After he has created the needed distance for an arm bar, Satava slips his knee over his opponent’s shoulder, keeping his partner from posturing up and robbing Satava of a chance to execute his arm bar.

Switching positions, Satava shows us how he drives his elbow into his opponent’s elbow (2:46).  At the same time, Satava moves his hips back and away from his opponent as he inclines his head toward his partner to secure the tap.

Watch Satava’s full demonstration below and then give this move a try next time you’re rolling.

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