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Fireworks at UFC Wichita

Fireworks at UFC Wichita


Yesterday we talked about the sure fire fireworks set to launch in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. Thankfully what we got was definitely a great show. Junior Dos Santos added another KO to his record over the ever tough and HILARIOUS Derrick Lewis. Not only that we got to take a look at some of the up and comers in the UFC’s other always competitive divisions.

Most of the focus of the evening was deservedly put on the main event, but we got to get a glimpse of the future in athletes like Niko Price. Price could walk away as the biggest winner in this event because his battle with Tim Means is sure to grab some attention and also propel him to do battle with a higher ranked opponent. Somewhere along the line we heard the words “natural born finisher”, and in the fight Niko definitely put this on display.

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After landing a hellacious punch that buckled Means he immediately followed up with some vicious uncontested ground and pound. Sadly as the knockdown punch landed Tim’s foot folded under him and news is coming out that he suffered from a broken tibia. Hopefully he can heal up and return to put on more exciting bouts in the near future.

On paper Derrick Lewis vs JDS was a no brainer for a great action fight. As we have seen in the past however is that isn’t always the case. Thankfully for us these two put it on the line and left us with a action packed two rounds. JDS landed to the body with a spinning kick that cause Lewis to double over. Lewis, who notoriously drops bombs when he is cornered or in danger, fired back and nearly ended JDS’s night.

JDS was able to catch Lewis again and this time put him away in the 2nd round. In what might be one of the best post fight interviews, JDS got the whole crowd to sing his son “Happy Birthday”. It was a beautiful moment for JDS and his family. Career wise it puts JDS back on the map. The question is Who’s next?

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