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While there are many great open guards in Jiu Jitsu, one of the most popular seems to be the De La Riva guard. The DLR guard offers some awesome guard sweeps. If you’re a person that loves to play the top game, but find yourself having trouble taking people down, the De La Riva guard could be for you. There is a crazy amount of sweeps from the DLR guard, but let us take a look at the first sweep you should learn. This sweep works great because of the fact that it takes away posts, balance and allows you to get right into a dominant position. Check it out…

Let’s say that you pulled guard and went right into the DLR guard. You use your left leg to establish your DLR hook on his left leg, your right foot goes to your opponent’s right hip and you use your right hand to grab his right sleeve. After all of that, you now have a strong DLR guard. Use your right leg to push his right knee out and then pull yourself up to sit up. When you do this, you will have to drop your left leg to his ankle.

Now you can use your left hand to hug his left leg. You do that so that you can transfer his sleeve grip from your right hand to your left hand, which will take away a decent portion of his base. Immediately, you need to take your right hand and get a cross collar grip. You are now ready to finish the sweep. Pull him down with the collar grip, pull his sleeve between his leg and push his right knee away again. Your opponent will fall hard onto his shoulder and you will end up sitting on his legs. Either hop into mount or move around to his other side for side control. No matter what you will end up in a great dominant position.

The DLR guard can be a great supplement to the other parts of your Jiu Jitsu game. It could end up being your favorite open guard. You just need to learn how to maintain it and how to sweep from it. If the DLR guard is something that you want to invest some time into, then check out…

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