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Baseball Bat Choke from Bottom: Video Tutorials


baseball bat choke

The Extreme Versatility of the Baseball Bat Choke

The baseball bat choke…how I can go on and on about the baseball bat choke. It is probably the single most versatile choke in all of Jiu Jitsu. You can literally hit the choke from almost any position. Half guard, knee on belly, side control and even while standing up. But did you know that you can execute it from being put in a bad position? It is true. You can actually get the baseball bat choke from being put in side control. This devious choke will surprise anyone who isn’t well versed in it. See how it is done…

The Set Up

You will see the set up is just so unbelievably simple. So, you have made a mistake and your opponent has now put you into side control. While it isn’t looking good, not all is lost. First, you need to get your inside arm to your chest. You cannot perform this choke if your arm is killed, or stuck against his leg and hip. Most likely you will need to do some bridges to get your inside arm free. Once that happens, you can start going for the choke right away. With your outside hand, get a single thumb-in grip right in the back of his collar. Now you will have to start feeding your inside hand in.

Various Options

To feed your hand in, there is a couple options. If your opponent’s side control isn’t super tight, you can just slide your grip in. If he is playing tight, then you might have to bridge again, to get a palm-up, four finger grip right next to your thumb-in grip. By doing that, it should look like you are holding a baseball bat, except instead of a bat, it will be your opponent’s collar. Your opponent might do a couple different things. Either he will try to hold side control, or he might try to go to knee on belly. Either way, he won’t be safe. No matter what he does, you need to turn to your outside hip and start running away while you’re on the mat. While you do that, you need to cross your elbows and pull his collar. Without a doubt, he will be tapping.

A Reliable Attack

This fantastic choke is one that can always be considered your ace in the hole. In fact, last weekend, a student of mine submitted one of his opponents in a local tournament with it. He set it up from the mount position. This choke is a high percentage submission. If you need to know more high percentage submissions then you should check out…

If you want to improve your submissions, make sure to check out: High Percentage Submissions”. It is an awesome Four DVD set by Bernardo Faria. Click here to see!

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