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Bernardo Faria’s World Famous Over-Under Pass…No Gi Style!



Anybody who watches the IBJFF black belt divisions knows Bernardo Faria. They also know his awesome, pressure style of passing that he uses to dominate his opponents. His signature pass is the over-under pass. He uses it to pass even the toughest of guards. For the longest time, it was thought that the over-under pass was a gi only technique. But that isn’t true anymore. Bernardo has adapted the pass for no gi, and it is extremely effective. See how Bernardo shows his go to pass when it comes to no gi competition…

To start, Bernardo shows how to enter into it. Since there are no pants or lapels to grab, you will see the correct way of controlling so you can hit the pass. He enters it by controlling the right shin of his opponent, pressing it down towards the floor. Bernardo does this so that he won’t be caught in a triangle choke. Once the shin is controlled, he shoots in stuffing the right leg underneath him, while his left arm gets a deep under hook on his opponent’s left leg, up high on the quad.

He clamps his right arm tight to his opponent’s leg so that there is no chance of being submitted by a kimura. Bernardo then tripods up on the balls of his feet and gains control of his opponent’s right shin by coming under then over the shin. He drives his opponent over slightly to the right so that he can pull his opponent’s leg straight. Once the leg is straight, he hugs that same leg, up high. Bernardo then walks over to the left, until his opponent is crunched up. To complete it, he hops his leg over and goes right into side control. For a super secure side control, he slides his chest down his opponent’s chest so that he never lets up the pressure. Also note his head position through the entire pass. It is always tight to his opponent’s body, close to the side of the leg he is under hooking.

It is excellent to see these pressure style passes done in a no gi style. Bernardo Faria is a Jiu Jitsu master with the best passing in the game. Anyone who does Jiu Jitsu should aspire to pass guard just like him. And you can learn to do just that by checking out one of his top notch DVD sets. Check out…

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