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Flower Sweep To A Triangle Choke. High Percentage!



The triangle choke. You see it everywhere. You will see it used at IBJJF events, EBI, and even in the UFC. It does not matter what rule set is used or if there are gi’s or not, if grappling is allowed then the triangle choke will show up. The triangle is one of the most battled tested chokes in all of fighting. It is a nasty blood choke that can easily make someone take a nap whether they like it or not. And one of the reasons that it is so feared is because of the endless amounts of set up’s and entries. One really cool entry into it is from the flower sweep. Check it out…

For this particular set up, you actually go for the flower sweep, one hundred percent. You get your left handed sleeve grip, and your right handed pant grip. But what happens is that your opponent is able to beat that sleeve grip with his right hand. Well, when he does that, he still leaves himself open for the flower sweep. Taking your left hand, you establish a left handed sleeve grip on his right sleeve.

At this point, you cut the angle for the flower sweep but since he has his left arm free, he posts it to stop himself from getting knocked over and mounted. But when he does that, he leaves himself extremely exposed. From there, you can easily pull your left leg to yourself and go over his neck. It’s pretty self explanatory from there. Shoot your hips up, lock up the triangle and make sure you have his leg grabbed so that he cannot pick you up and try to escape the triangle. You will make your opponent tap. No doubt about it.

One of the most prolific users of the triangle of the last few years has been Edwin Najmi. And he is an absolute beast with the technique. He can hit anywhere, including as a flying choke. If you want to become a triangle choke master like Edwin, then you need to get his DVD…

And here it is! Click here to see Edwin Najmi’s Triangles And More Triangles.


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