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Fly Into Deep Half Guard With This Entry By Tom Deblass

Fly Into Deep Half Guard With This Entry By Tom Deblass


Deep Half Guard Entry With Tom DeBlass

Half Guard is considered by many to be one of the best guards for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners of any level. If you want to keep your opponent at a safe distance and prevent passes, this guard is for you. As soon as you learn the fundamental concepts of knee shield, framing, and using your hips, you will establish an entirely new aspect to your BJJ sweeps and submissions.

Nobody knows the game of half guard as well as Tom DeBlass. Tom has been using half guard successfully in competition for well over a decade. In this time he has faced some of the toughest jiu jitsu competition in the world, and that is not even to mention his fights in the UFC and Bellator as well. It is safe to say this guy knows his stuff.

So when it comes to learning half guard, focus on what Tom DeBlass has tested and proven to be incredibly effective.


In the video below, we will see Tom DeBlass demonstrate an easy deep half guard entry on one of his stop students, purple belt David Gonzalez. If you have ever struggled to secure deep half this technique is for you. Watch the video now and then we will break it down.

DeBlass starts this technique off from half guard in a scenario where his opponent is keeping his far leg away making it hard to control anything on that side. Rather than only thinking about going for the underhook, DeBlass uses his legs. First he takes his top leg and crosses it over his training partners foot, connecting with his ankle and pulling the opponent’s leg back and out. The most common mistake from here is for people to go for an under hook at the far leg, which would be ineffective if your training partner sprawls away. DeBlass instead attacks the near leg, using the metaphor of climbing a rope to work your way up the opponent. DeBlass locks his hands with an S grip around his training partner’s near leg. Notice that he is completely on his side before pulling his partner up, still controlling his near leg. Once he bumps his partner he switches his hips to the opposite direction, crossing his legs to establish deep half guard. Once in deep half guard, Tom DeBlass defends his arm by tucking it underneath his opponent’s trapped leg until he is ready to start attacking.

As you can see there are a lot of minor details to this technique that will be important if you want to have a successful entry into deep half without putting yourself in a compromising situation underneath your opponent. This is a good move to keep in mind the next time you are drilling half guard. The deep half guard entry can be a very effective way for a smaller guy to get on top of a bigger guy. By controlling your opponent’s leg you destabilize his base and give yourself an opportunity to bump him and get yourself into deep half. So remember this one if you are a smaller guy and do not be afraid to try it in a live roll!

If you're looking for the keys to defeating your opponents with half guard look no further. Tom DeBlass’ “Half Domination” 4 DVD Set Will Simplify & Slow Down The Game To Show You An Easy Set Of Grips & Moves That Will Hold Even The Most Explosive Young Beasts In Check.



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