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Frankie Edgar Earns Next Shot At Featherweight Title

Frankie Edgar Earns Next Shot At Featherweight Title



Longtime UFC Great Frankie Edgar will have another opportunity to embolden his MMA legacy as one of the very best. Some people have come out and proclaimed Alex Volkanovski is the rightful challenger to Max Holloway’s title. With his win over Featherweight Legend Jose Aldo, those people may have a strong case.

Edgar had nothing but good things to say about the Australian fighter Volkanovski. Frankie compared his early career to Alex’s saying that “I was him not too long ago” in a recent interview. He also mentioned his time will come. With a win over Holloway perhaps Edgar will see Alex Volkanovski before too long.

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While some people might clamor about rankings and who deserves what, it’s important to look at the parties involved. Although Volkanovski has been on quite the tear in the UFC defeating division staples in Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar has a resume that speaks for itself. On top of that Edgar and Holloway were set to fight for the title twice before.

Most recently Holloway had to withdraw from their UFC 222 bout. Frankie being Frankie then took a bout with Brian Ortega. Ortega has one of the fastest rising stars the UFC has put forth in recent years. T-City is commonly putting on electrifying performances that get people’s attention. Ortega was able to be the very first to stop Edgar in his illustrious career.

Yet, Edgar bounced back. In his most recent outing Frankie took on Cub Swanson, where he took a unanimous decision. Frankie has always been a guy to step up for the UFC, so it’s fitting to see him get a well deserved title shot. For fans we finally get to see a much anticipated match that was cancelled twice before.

Holloway will be bouncing back after a recent fight at Lightweight for the Interim Championship against Dustin Poirier where he lost a decision. At Featherweight Holloway has been basically untouchable. He stopped Aldo twice, and battered Brian Ortega to the point that the fight had to be stopped. It will be interesting to see one of the UFC’s all-time greats in Edgar matches up against the current Featherweight King. Stay tuned for the fight July 27 at UFC 240!!!

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