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Free Simple and Effective Techniques Anyone can do

Free Simple and Effective Techniques Anyone can do


Good technique is hard to come by, these days we all have access to so much technique videos that it can be overwhelming.  There is more content available than ever before.  You can find techniques on YouTube, membership based sites, online academies, DVD’s, digital videos, and from friends.  So how can we differentiate the good from the bad?  It can be very difficult.

There are also a lot of techniques circulating the web that may not be efficient for everybody; some techniques may be good for certain people while others are not.   These days we see a lot of people putting out technique that may be flashy but ineffective and even it is effective it may be difficult for older people to do and people that lack flexibility or athleticism. 

Today we are going to look at some simple and effective techniques that anybody and everybody can do.  These techniques can be used effectively regardless of your age, height, weight, skill level, or size.  Low and behold let’s take a look at some techniques below.

2nd Base Pass by Fabiano Scherner

Let’s start off with an introduction to who Fabiano Sherner is.  Fabiano is an older gentleman who has successfully been competing at the highest levels for years and years.  He is one of Chael Sonnen’s teachers and is highly respected in the UFC.  He is known for his simple and effective techniques and he does not use flexibility, strength, athleticism, or youth.  He is an average guy and he is able to perform well. Low and behold let’s take a look at this pass and then discuss.


So as we can see above the pass is similar to a knee cut.  It is an excellent way to get out of the closed guard and go directly into a strong position.  One of the things that Fabiano does that is extremely smart is the fact that he establishes his grips in the closed guard.   Many people that play the closed guard on the bottom look at it as an offensive position and they are not as aware if you start establishing passing grips in their closed guard. It is always smart to get your grips while they are playing closed guard. 

After he establishes his grips he starts to initiate a combat pas position and then uses his knee to pin their leg down.  Once the leg is pinned down your opponent becomes extremely uncomfortable and you are able to open their guard.  With this sleeve grip that Fabiano achieved in the closed guard he is able to pass the guard. 

The knee slice is so much easier to do when you control the elbow or the sleeve, it makes it very difficult for your opponent to escape or post on their elbow to defend, it also alleviates any pressure they may put from posting on your hip or face. If you want to learn more from Fabiano he just put out a 3 DVD set dedicated to doing bjj over 40.  This is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn practical bjj that will always work.

 Butt Kick Entrance into Single Leg by Leonardo Saggioro

Leonardo Saggioro is one of the best black belts in the world today.  He made it to the finals of the black belt worlds this year only losing to 5x Black Belt World Champion, and ADCC champ, Rubens Charles “Cobrihna.”  Leonardo has a very simple and effective game.  He like to play the half guard and the over under pass, it is very similar to Bernardo Faria who he trained with for years.  The game is easy to adapt and does not require any amazing feats of athleticism. Let’s see the technique below.

So there you have it, a simple and effective move that is super high percentage.  This sweep is amazing and utilizes the lapel grip that 5x Black Belt World Champion, Bernardo Faria popularized where you thread the lapel through the leg to come up for takedowns.  

As you can see above he modifies this popular technique for someone who is smaller by using his hook to kick their butt forward, he also control the top lapel near the neck so that he can break his opponents posture down and finish the sweep. 

This sweep is extremely effective because it puts you in the perfect position to pass your opponents guard.  The single leg half is a simple game and it is worth learning.  It has been proven successful at the highest levels of competition’s time and time again.

If you want to learn more about Leonardo’s unique game check out his DVD set, “Sweep The World.”  Leonardo may have one of the most complete games for a lighter person and he may be one of the only lightweight people that use a simple and effective game that does not require flexibility, strength, or athleticism.  This is a particularly good DVD set because it is smart to learn from someone who is smaller because they can never use strength.

Ezekiel from Mount

Let’s finish these videos off with a submission.  The Ezekiel choke from mount is one of the best submissions that you can use.  It is from Murilo Bustamante.  Murilo is a world champion and a veteran UFC fighter.  He is all about using crushing pressure to achieve the mount position and ultimately submit. Let’s check out his video below.


As you can see above this is a classic take on an old and effective submission.  The Ezekiel has long been a favorite by some of the best in the world such as Roger Gracie and Xande Ribeiro.  This choke is one of the best submissions to keep in your back pocket.   You can use it from side control, top half, bottom half, mount, and so many other positons.   This submission can be very sneaky because your opponent may not be able to see it coming.  It is a position that you do not want to telegraph because it will be much harder to finish. 

If you want to learn more on Murilo’s Jiu Jitsu check out his DVD set, “Old School Crushing Pressure & Submissions.”  This is one of our best sellers and it is for good reason, Muirilo is old school and has a game that anybody can easily implement.

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