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Gabriel Gonzaga To Headline BKFC8 in Tampa

Gabriel Gonzaga To Headline BKFC8 in Tampa



Gabriel Gonzaga is returning to combat sports! Gonzaga will take on Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in what is sure to be fireworks. Both athletes have made a career in MMA by landing vicious KOs. Except this time they will be punching with BARE KNUCKLES. 

BKFC has quietly building up steam, and filling its cards with former UFC talent. Although the sport has been viewed largely has archaic, BKFC definitely has provided some fun fights and some valuable input as far as martial arts technique goes. Boxing and MMA fighters have found themselves migrating to the different ruleset with varying results. 

The biggest fight to date is when Artem Lobov took on former World Champ Paulie Malignaggi. Many pundits slated Paulie to easily dispatch Lobov due to the perceived striking advantage. However, the fight was much closer than many expected. What we learned though is that things start to change when you take the gloves off. So how will this effect two of the heaviest hitters to appear in the new format? 

Punching with hand wraps and gloves provides much more support to the hand/wrist. This makes punching with full power much more manageable. Without these aids, a fighter has to be much more methodical in how they approach their power shots. However, in BKFC there is much more standup grappling allowed than say boxing. Grabbing the head and landing shots is totally allowed. Another thing to note is that bare knuckle fights tend to be VERY bloody. The exposed knuckles can make short work of the fighters eyebrows. So, just a heads up!

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Although both fighters probably equal out in the power department, the grappling edge would obviously go to Gonzaga. Since he can’t shoot a double leg, he will have to rely on some strong dirty boxing to take down the larger Silva. The fight is set to take place October 19th in Tampa!

Gonzaga has also been keeping busy in the Jiu-Jitsu department! He released an instructional that focuses SOLELY on Passing Difficult Guards. Check out this slick guard break against a long legged person!


As you can see Gonzaga still maintains his Jiu-Jitsu roots despite being a headlining Bare Knuckle Boxing event! By putting immense pressure into his double lapel grip, Gonzaga is able to jump to his feet and immediately begin putting pressure into his partner’s feet. This makes it almost impossible to hang on if you can maintain your balance and keep pressure on them. From here Gabriel dominates the underhook game and is through for the pass. 

Passing Difficult Guards is packed to the brim with KILLER details that make today’s modern guards start to melt like butter. Few Jiu-Jitsu practitioners have the amount of combat sports experience as Gabriel Gonzaga. Take today’s most DIFFICULT GUARDS, and begin to DISMANTLE them with MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Legend Gabriel Gonzaga!



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