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Game Changing Triangle Details from Nicholas Meregali

Game Changing Triangle Details from Nicholas Meregali


Let this up and coming black belt change your game!

We tend to not hear quite as much about some of the highest level up and coming competitors until they reach black belt. This is unfortunate because there is some serious talent among the purple and brown ranks. Nicholas Meregali is one of these phenoms. Meregali has an impressive list of accolades at purple and brown, and it seems he’s already on his way to making history as a black belt.

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 In a time where BJJ is ever evolving and the techniques are becoming more and more mind numbing than ever, it’s refreshing to see a new spin on some classic BJJ. In this video Meregali breaks down a simple triangle attack from the closed guard. Give it a look!

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Calling up some classic concepts of breaking down posture, Meregali uses the collar, a grip on his opponents’ elbow, and the power of his hips to bring his opponent forward. The next sequence is reminiscent of basic self-defense positioning with a twist. As Meregali blocks his partners head out with his positioning and secures the belt, he’s confident that the opposing party will want their head back in the game. This small bait sets the stage for the coming movements. Meregali then swims to the inside of his opponent’s bicep. At this point he makes an interesting adjustment. He straightens his body in order to employ a stiff arm, which will be much stronger in aiding him to transfer his partners arm to his shin. This is a great detail!

Using some action/reaction ideology Meregali now clears the arm and lands in triangle setup position. The finish also contains an excellent piece of game changing information. Meregali secures his shin and a grip under the armpit of his partner. This will aid in controlling posture, keeping the pathways to escape closed, and assist him in cutting the proper angle to finish. Great details!

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